Change of mood and sexual power

According to traditional medicine, the consumption of certain foods can cause a decrease in sexual desire and physical weakness. Some foods can directly affect the sexual desire and mood of different people. We want to give you more information on this matter.

Sexual relations have complex psychological and social dimensions, and if there are problems or malfunctions in its functioning, disputes and problems in other fields will arise one after the other. Some of the most common sexual problems are related to men. Sexual reluctance, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation are common cases that can break the core of a couple’s relationship. Dr. Samieh Mahrozadeh, a specialist in traditional medicine, provides nutritional solutions of traditional medicine for the treatment of male sexual disorders, and at the same time, he emphasizes that these nutritional measures do not eliminate the need to see a doctor.

Common areas of disorders

Although the desire for marital relationship is an instinctive phenomenon and is shared by all people, its intensity and weakness is different in each person due to various reasons. Sexual reluctance and disorders such as erection and premature ejaculation have common grounds and they all originate from general weakness of the body, weakness of sexual powers, weakness of vital body organs and bad moods. In other words, sexual reluctance is specifically affected by these causes, but other disorders can also arise from these causes.

General body weakness

People who often feel weak and lethargic have general weakness. They should not eat any food and only foods that are nutritious are given priority for them. The use of lamb meat, chicken, partridge, meat extract and water peas prepared with plenty of onions, shaqal jam, ginger, coconut, eggs, rice milk and almond milk are necessary and necessary for those who have general weakness. Daily and continuous consumption of these foods eliminates weakness and makes the person’s body strong.

Sexual weakness

Quwa Bah or appetite for intercourse are different names of sexual powers in traditional medicine, which are strong and weak in everyone. Those who have weak sexual power should start treatment as soon as possible. Part of the treatment is related to nutritional measures. In traditional medicine, it is said that such people should consume “Mabhavi” or marital relationship-enhancing foods that have high nutritional power and warmth.

Weakness of members of the board

In the term of traditional medicine, organs that play a vital role are called chief organs or noble organs. The life of all human beings depends on the functioning of the heart, brain and liver. In men, the testicles are considered as part of the head organs.

Weakness of the heart: People who have trouble breathing or have shortness of breath and feel lethargic, have a weak heart. Such people are advised to use heart-strengthening foods to get their health. Apples, apple juice, beets, pomegranates, grapes, rose water, bitter gourd, spring orange juice, nasturt syrup, saffron syrup, saffron and eggs are heart-strengthening foods.

Brain weakness: Those who have brain or nose weakness, their movements are slow. Foods that can improve the mood of such people include the following: peeled almonds, cooking poultry meat with peas and saffron, eggs, cinnamon and cloves, meat extract, teas such as chamomile tea, lemongrass, fruits and vegetables such as Grapes, apples, currants, basil and rose water.

Weakness of the liver: In traditional medicine, the liver is the meeting place of four compounds and an organ that plays an important role in providing health. Liver disorders cause bad moods. People with liver weakness usually have problems in sexual relations. For these people, consuming liver-strengthening foods is the solution. Pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, currants, chicory, apple juice, pomegranate juice, coriander and fast-digesting meats of birds and sheep strengthen the liver.

Weakness of the testicles: If the testicles are in a bad mood, their normal function will be disturbed and it will affect the libido and other disorders. Hot and humid moods cause high sexual desire, but it does not harm the person, but in hot and dry moods, although sexual desire is high, frequent intercourse harms health, so it is recommended to consume foods that have a cold nature.

In addition to the types of weaknesses that were listed, different moods also play a decisive role in the occurrence of sexual disorders. Bad mood occurs when the balance is disrupted and there is an excess in a mood.

Predominance of dry mood

To recognize that someone has a bad mood, you need to pay attention to the signs. If the semen is thick and compressed and difficult to come out, it means that this person has a dry mood and his health will be damaged if he has too much intercourse. Such people should use more fresh foods in their diet. Eating milk, milk with mangosteen, porridge, soup, meat broth and juices are effective in this case.

Overcoming cold moodiness

In people suffering from cold moodiness, the semen is thick and hard to come out, the movement of semen is slow due to the lack of heat, the erection is complete after penetration, and the color of the urine is white. Consuming foods that are warm in nature can improve this type of bad mood, such as pistachios, almonds, cinnamon, saffron, carrot seeds, royal eggs, ginger seeds, cooked chickpeas, sparrow meat, coconuts, walnuts, and carrot jam. On the other hand, some foods that have a cold taste should not be consumed, such as yogurt and sour buttermilk.

hot temper

People who have a hot mood, have a lot of libido, their semen is thick, the color of their semen tends to be yellow and its exit is associated with a slight burning sensation, they have large testicles with bulging vessels, and their ejaculation speed is high. Such people should drink cold drinks such as cinnamon, lemon syrup, milk and sweet buttermilk. It is also useful for them to eat pomegranate, pomegranate paste, cucumber, purslane, barberry, plum, ash goor and rice.

More moody

Those who have this type of mood disorder, their semen is thin and abundant, and the color of the semen is white. It is better for them to eat warm and dry foods. Sparrow meat, grilled foods, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, thyme, dill, bananas, walnuts, eggs, shaqal jam, ginger jam, shrimp, pigeon meat, watercress, garlic and cumin improve bad mood. In addition to the fact that more temperamental foods such as beer, cucumber, yogurt, and buttermilk are not suitable for people with bad moods.

Premature ejaculation disorder

One of the most common sexual disorders in men is premature ejaculation. In traditional medicine, there are three main reasons for premature ejaculation:

1. Predominance of cold and wet mood (during this problem, the holding power is very weak)

2. Predominance of hot and humid mood (in people with this mood, frequent marital relations do not cause problems)

3. Weakness of members of the board

Nutritional measures for each of these weaknesses and moods have already been explained, so someone who has premature ejaculation should follow the nutritional recommendations of these cases to recover.

erectile dysfunction

The entry of blood into the vessels of the penis causes it to lengthen and thicken. When this condition does not occur, there is actually a malfunction in the work. In most cases, erectile dysfunction occurs due to three main reasons:

1. Weakness and thinness of the body; Consuming food with high nutritional value is recommended for these people.

2. Leaving intercourse; Stopping intercourse, even for a short time, can cause weakness and weakness of the penis. In this situation, eating peas, turnips, onions, ginger and cinnamon can help improve the condition.

3. Weakness of the penis nerve; Predominance of phlegm in the penis causes laxity. Consuming warm and flatulent foods is effective in treating this problem. Foods such as onions, peas, turnips, ginger and beans.

Is sexual aversion genetic?

Some sexual reluctance can be genetic. It means that male hormones are less than balanced since birth. But another type of reluctance comes later, which is easier to improve by modifying nutritional methods and lifestyle. But one should not lose sight of the fact that this problem does not originate only from the weakness of sexual power, and psychological issues also have a direct effect on it. Emotional symptoms, including stress, sadness, fear, etc., can reduce a person’s desire to have a marital relationship.

Does drug use increase libido?

Some fall into addiction following the false and false notion that “drug use can increase libido”. Unaware that opiates not only do not have such a function and do not increase sexual desire, but on the contrary, erectile dysfunction is very common among addicts, to the extent that in order to treat this problem, they must first quit their addiction completely, and then restore their health by using a series of nutritional measures. .

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