Changing eating style due to virtual spaces

It is better not to change your lifestyle and eating habits due to constant presence on the Internet and don’t forget to take care in this area, because constant presence in these spaces can affect nutrition.

Virtual space and technological progress is one of the reasons for changing people’s eating habits in society.

Majid Haji Faraji, the head of the Nutrition Institute, in a conversation with the reporter of the health and medical scientific group of the Young Journalists Club, said about the factors that have changed the eating habits of the society: one of the most important factors is the social factor, when the industrial society and development It is found that people’s behavior and lifestyle changes, for example, eating disorders occur and eating times change irregularly.

He continued: People are turning to ready meals because they have less time to prepare traditional meals. Another factor is the reduction of physical activity, which is very important.

Referring to the increase in the use of virtual space, Haji Faraji said: following patterns of food behavior in virtual space can be done unconsciously, so we must be careful about the formation of our eating habits. This factor has been particularly effective in recent decades in developed countries, as it has also had a great impact on children and adolescents.

He added: Like other habits and patterns that are imitated without thinking, eating habits are also the same.

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