Checking the types of oils for frying food

Nutrition and health experts and experts believe that eating oils causes diseases such as sclerosis and vascular diseases. For this reason, they do not recommend its excessive consumption. In this article, we will review the types of oils for frying food.

These days, nutrition experts do not agree on how to consume liquid oils. One expert says that some liquid oils are suitable for frying, and even if the package does not say “for frying”, you can still fry food with it, but another expert denies this point of view. Because of the low melting point and low smoke, all liquid oils become toxic against high heat and are only suitable for adding to salads, rice and stews, but the main question is which one among the types of edible liquid oils is affected by high heat. , less damaged and what is the obvious advantage of each one?

You need to know that none of the liquid oils are suitable for frying. Most of these oils contain high omega-3 and the disadvantage of this fatty acid is that it is perishable against high heat and quickly oxidizes and turns into toxic and carcinogenic compounds “acrolein”.

On the other hand, high heat destroys the micronutrients in the oil and turns it into a worthless substance.

Don’t exaggerate about grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is one of those oils that experts have not yet reached an understanding on how to use it. More interesting is the opinion of some families who consider the high price of this oil as the reason for its greater properties and include it in their diet at any cost, but is this reason acceptable? Grape seed oil is obtained from the stem, core and seed skin.

This oil is mostly imported, and due to the fact that a large number of grape seeds are needed to prepare a bottle of it, and this seed does not have as much oil as soy, sunflower and olive fruit, and its production cost is also higher than other oils. .

Grape seed oil does not have more properties than olive and canola oil, but compared to other oils, it has more phenolic and antioxidant compounds and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases to some extent, and a balance between omega-3 fatty acids. 6 and 9 are valid, but they are not suitable for frying due to low thermal resistance. According to the advice of nutrition experts, when consuming grapes and pomegranates, be sure to chew the seeds well in order to benefit from the unique properties of its fresh oil, which is better than industrial varieties.

Canola is better than canola

Canola is short for low fat Canadian oil. Compared to other oils, this oil has the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids, and because it contains high phytosterols and, compared to grape seed and olive oil, it has more omega-3, it prevents the increase of bad cholesterol in the blood to a greater extent, and this is a significant advantage. canola oil; But what factor has made canola superior to canola? Canola is obtained as a result of traditional and continuous cultivation of rapeseed with genetic modification and its quality has been increased by removing some harmful compounds.

Of course, you should also know that rapeseed oil has the highest amount of omega-9 after olive oil and is more resistant to oxidation.

Is sesame oil the queen of oils?

In some advertisements, it is stated that sesame oil is suitable for frying and is less absorbed by food than other oils, and due to its richness in micronutrients, it has been called the queen of oils, but you should know that the absorption of oil is by frying. and if the texture of the dry food and the oil is heated to the permitted level, oil absorption will be minimized and although this oil may absorb a few percent less than other oils, it has a low smoke point and is suitable for frying not suitable.

Sesame oil is a rich source of vitamin E and those with high blood pressure and fat can include it in their diet.

This oil is anti-anxiety and invigorating and has the nutritional properties of nut kernels, and one tablespoon of it relieves constipation and dry mood. It has two types, scented and odorless, the scented one is suitable for salad and the odorless one is suitable for rice and stew.

Corn oil is also good, but…

Some sources have introduced corn oil as a cholesterol-lowering agent, but the interesting thing is that this oil reduces both bad and good cholesterol due to the high amount of omega-6 compared to omega-3! A good oil is one that has high omega-3 and low omega-6.

This oil has a mild smell and is useful for treating eczema and skin diseases.

Rice bran oil is not low in calories

Rice bran oil has been in the market for several years and most families believe that this oil is low in calories, low in cholesterol and suitable for frying.

But you should know that the calories of this oil are the same compared to other oils and each gram contains 9 calories of energy.

Vitamins of the B group of bran are somewhat destroyed during the oiling process, but its vitamins E and D are at a high level like other oils. Research has shown that this oil prevents the increase of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood, but it does not cure high cholesterol.

High heat quickly reduces its properties and quality, and keeping this oil for a long time changes its quality and changes its taste when exposed to light, so pay attention to its use-by date when buying.

Fragrant olive oil is more nutritious

Is the nutritional value of odorless olive oil the same as its scented one? Is it true that they say olive oil prevents cancer?

There are different types of olive oil: extra virgin (premium), virgin, normal virgin and refined (odorless). Premium and virgin oil both contain the properties and nutrients of the olive fruit, but ordinary virgin oil, which is known as fragrant oil in Iran, has more advantages than odorless oil because it is unrefined.

You need to know that when the quality of virgin oil goes down, it is refined and deodorized. Oil that is smelled, its nutrients are neutralized under thermal and chemical processes, and its vitamins A and E are reduced to a large extent.

According to food scientists, olive oil is the best oil, but it has a flaw. Omega 9 is very high, Omega 6 is low, but it does not have Omega 3 and the three fatty acids of this oil are not balanced, and you should use seafood rich in Omega 3.

This oil has a protective function for the stomach and protects this organ from wounds and inflammation. It prevents the formation of gallstones and the amount of antioxidants and useful fatty acids is more than corn oil, but it is equal to grape seed oil and due to the high amount of vitamin E, it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers. and is not useful for frying food.

Sunflower oil is high in omega-6

Now many families use sunflower liquid oil for frying food due to its reasonable price and light digestion.

Like all vegetable oils, this oil is cholesterol-free and rich in micronutrients. Of course, the amount of omega-6 in this oil, which also reduces good cholesterol, is slightly higher compared to omega-3, but this factor makes it resistant to heat and has a higher smoke point; But according to the advice of food science experts, this oil is not suitable for frying.

It is good to know that the smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which the oil begins to decompose and clear smoke rises from it and becomes toxic and unusable. After what has been said, we conclude that special frying oil is able to withstand more heat due to its high melting point and smoke.

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