Cheek lift with thread

Cheek lift with thread It is a new way to restore youth and vitality to the skin. Medical knowledge is advancing every day and experts are always looking for new and better ways to treat disorders. Beauty is also one of the branches of medicine that is very popular; With the passage of time and the increase in lifespan, human skin gradually loosens and loses its youth and vitality; Therefore, some people do some surgeries to eliminate these symptoms Cheek lift with thread It is one of the newest methods. In the following, we will fully review this beauty procedure. Stay with Dr. Salam.In this method, by placing special threads in the skin, sagging and wrinkles are prevented. The use of threads causes amazing changes with minimal surgical interventions to reconstruct and fix sagging face (Lifting). This unique technique, in addition to having the ability to create appropriate tension to correct sagging facial skin, has many other effects such as removing wrinkles and rejuvenating and shaping the face with long-term effects and minimal cuts or scars on the skin. Threads usually begin to break down 2 months after placement, and the fibroblast cells of the skin are stimulated to produce collagen, and the skin becomes tighter within 8 months.

Cheek lift using thread

Please get rid of the belief that you need surgery to be beautiful again. face lift With thread, it brings you a wonderful beauty without surgery – without hospitalization – without anesthesia and… you will look at least 10 years younger in this method, with a completely natural outlook.

Cheek lift with thread Perhaps it is one of the fastest methods of beautification because it is done in less than 50 minutes and with local anesthesia – without hospitalization and so-called outpatient treatment.

after Cheek lift with threadIn less than 48 hours, a person can do his daily activities without any worries. It usually takes 2 weeks for all the soft tissues to heal and leave no marks on your face. If you decide to become beautiful, it’s a miracle elevator It can connect you with beauty very quickly.

How to lift the cheek using thread

Usually Cheek lift with thread It involves placing barbed threads under the skin and then tightening them to lift the sagging facial tissues and complete the surgery. face lift is. The threads used to tighten the face during this procedure are placed in a specific uniform direction, and as a result, when placed and stretched, they grab the fat and tissue under the skin and pull it along.

In general, thread face lift includes 5 steps: 1- Insertion 2- Establishment 3- Restraint 4- Suspension 5- Stabilization.

With a very small incision in the temporal part of the head, so-called special threads are implanted (placed). This part is exactly between the hairs in front of the ear. You don’t have to worry about the threads because they are made of polypropylene and have a special compatibility with the body – these threads have been used for years in major surgeries such as heart surgery. The type of threads is such that both the lifting action is performed and the effect of reconstruction and renovation.

Cheek lift with thread

Examining the types of threads for cheek lift with thread

The type of thread used for the lift and the type of thread are very important. The type of yarn you choose determines how long it lasts Lifting operation And also the quality of this action. In general, the threads used in lifting are divided into two general categories.

Silhouette threads

There are types of lifting threads, which have two types, soft and hard. In the Hard type, which is the classic type and the most important and effective thread used in beauty, its unique effects have been lasting for years and it has long durability while bearing the weight of the face and creating proper tension. In another type of these yarns, called soft, which is a type of absorbable yarn, the effects of these absorbable yarns will remain in the used areas for a period of one and a half to two years.

Advantages of Hard and Soft silhouette threads

– It can be done for all ages and even has a preventive aspect.

– It also has amazing effects for removing puffiness and sagging breasts and shaping the hips.

– Except for people who have uncontrolled diabetes or are being treated for cancer, it is not prohibited to use it.

– The patient does not need hospitalization or anesthesia.

– It has a long shelf life, so that according to experience, the hard type has several years of effects and the soft type has effects of one and a half to three years.

– No specific side effects have been observed in this rejuvenation method, and the risk of infection is very low due to minimal surgical interventions.

– After doing this, you can use other measures such as gel injection, botox, and prp, etc…. for more and more lasting results.

PDO rejuvenation thread

Another method for lifting is lifting, which is different from silhouette threads. Polydioxanone PDO threads are used in this method, this type of thread is a kind of suture thread that is used in heart surgeries and is completely absorbed within six to eight months, but the lifting effects of this The thread will remain in the person who used the thread for a period of one and a half years.

By causing a mild foreign body reaction, these threads lead to the stimulation of collagen production and increased blood flow, and finally, it causes rejuvenation and reduction of skin sagging, and thus wrinkles are also corrected. This method is non-invasive and In the place where the thread is planted, none Kind The effects of threading are not evident and within two to three days after this procedure, the skin returns to normal condition.

PDO threads are actually a kind of suture thread that is completely biodegradable and compatible with the environment, which has Medical CC from KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration).

Cheek lift with thread

Advantages of PDO yarns

Skin lifting face and body

– Easy and fast application

– Fast recovery

– Performing the procedure without cutting or wounding the skin and without the need for hospitalization

– High bioabsorbability

– Long-term effects

– Sterility and no risk of contamination

Advantages of cheek lift with thread

One of the benefits of bearing the cost Lift with thread It is that the result lasts for 1-2 years. This procedure is non-surgical and suitable for people who do not want to undergo surgery. The reduction of wrinkles and fine lines of the skin is visible immediately after the treatment and there are no side effects Cheek lift with thread Does not exist. In addition, it is a good alternative to Botox. In face lift with thread, the muscles are not paralyzed. Thread lifting creates a kind of relaxation in the skin, this state of relaxation ensures that the skin is free of wrinkles, and as a result, the skin will look fresher and younger.

Other advantages of thread face lift are:

– No cuts and no stitches.

– It is very safe and requires only 30 minutes of local anesthesia.

– No swelling, bruises, scars or scars.

– The recovery time is short.

Its effects are semi-permanent.

Disadvantages of cheek lift with thread

Despite the cautious nature of the method Cheek lift with thread Compared to other types of cosmetic surgery, there are still potential complications that can make this procedure undesirable as a more invasive procedure. There are several more serious complications that, although relatively rare, should be considered before deciding to undergo skin resurfacing.

Allergic reaction to anesthetics

Allergic reactions are among the risks that can arise in any type of operation. Your body will definitely react to external factors, which may sometimes be mild and sometimes severe.

Cheek lift with thread

Extrusion or recoil

The human body is very good at identifying something that does not belong to it and can react accordingly.


Infection is a potential problem with anything that penetrates the skin and makes it vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, sterility is very important during facial skin retraction surgery. It is vital that threads and needles are thoroughly disinfected before use. The skin should also be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate surface bacteria as much as possible and prevent infection.

Facial teeth

Visible teeth may also appear on the patient’s face after threading the facial skin. The reason for this is usually that one of the barbs of the threads absorbs too much at a local point inside the tissue.

No face lift

There have been cases that lift and skin pulling It has not been successful with threads because the threads have not been able to hold the skin in position, resulting in sagging of the face.

nerve damage

Nerve damage is the worst possible complication that can result from the procedure Cheek lift with thread arise Although it is very rare, it is the most debilitating and irreversible complication.

The cost of cheek lift using thread

The overall cost of thread lift treatment depends on various factors.

– Points that have been treated on the body and face.

– The number of sessions you need for the procedure.

– The number of visits you have to the doctor’s office after the operation.

– The number of times the action must be repeated. In some cases, the treatment must be repeated 2 or 3 times to obtain the desired result.

And finally, it should be said because the action Cheek lift with thread Body rejuvenation is not covered by insurance. But if the doctor determines that the operation has a therapeutic aspect and is necessary for your health, you may be covered.

You should talk to your insurance agent to make sure of this.

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