Chicken paste and its side effects

Chicken paste is the excess meat that is separated after cleaning the chicken and enters the consumption cycle, and it has high fat and harmful effects for consumers, which sausage and sausage producers do not pay attention to because it is the main ingredient of their meat products!

Last week, with the issuance of a circular by Dr. Dinarund, the head of the Food and Drug Organization, the entry of chicken paste into the sausage and sausage production cycle was prohibited from the second half of 2013. But what is chicken paste?

Chicken paste is the main ingredient and base of many meat products in the country, such as sausages and sausages, which seriously entered the country’s meat products industry about 15 years ago and gradually replaced red meat.

Chicken paste is the same chicken meat that is obtained in a liquid form by a mechanical method using a Bader machine. But is the chicken paste that is prepared and used today by the country’s meat products industries, chicken cutting centers, slaughterhouses or unauthorized centers really made from whole chicken?

The head of the Food and Drug Organization said in this regard: “Removing chicken dough in the production of sausages is a very big step, because we are not sure about the health of chicken dough; Therefore, its entry into the sausage production cycle is prohibited. Of course, considering the unsuccessful past experiences in removing chicken paste, he said: Sausage and sausage production companies will have a period of time to adapt to the rules and remove chicken paste.
According to him, chicken pulp is excess meat that is separated by a machine after cleaning the chicken and enters the consumption cycle. Dinarund emphasized: “We cannot guarantee the health of the chicken batter, because it is not known whether the raw material is healthy or not, and it may have a lot of fat.

The discussion about the removal of chicken paste was also seriously discussed in 2007 and 2008, but referring to the news and reports about that time shows that the issue of removing chicken paste finally led to the removal of Bader machines from food industry factories, it only lasted for five months. »

Referring to the measures taken to ensure the health of protein products, especially sausages and sausages, Dr. Rasool Dinarund, head of the Food and Drug Organization, said: “In sausages and sausages, the first step is to remove chicken paste in the preparation of these products.” The relevant circular has been announced and will be implemented in the second six months of this year.

October 1, 2013 13:54

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