Choosing bright places for feeding

Choosing a table in a restaurant is of particular importance in increasing your weight. Try to choose bright and bright places to sit. Also, at home, when you enter the kitchen, turn on the lights and never dark and dimly lit places for Do not choose to eat

Making healthy food choices can be as simple as flipping a switch: New research shows that people make healthier food choices in a well-lit room than in a dark room.

People who ordered food in a bright room were 24 percent more likely to go for nutritious foods — like salads, vegetables, and grilled fish — than those who did the same in a dark room.

The group that ordered food in a dimly lit restaurant actually consumed 39 percent more calories than the group that ate in a brightly lit restaurant.

Dr. Dipayan Biswas, the head of this research, says: It seems that the brain works more alertly in a space where there is more light.

This is why light suppresses the production of the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, keeping you awake and alert.

When the level of consciousness is high, wiser decisions will be made and you will not easily fall prey to food temptations, for example, you will order a healthy salad instead of fries.

Of course, we cannot adjust the lighting of the restaurants we go to, but we can use these findings in our own kitchen.

When you go to the kitchen to eat, make sure the lights are on, and during the day, close the curtains to let the light into the kitchen.

If you go to a dimly lit restaurant or coffee shop, it is better to start with a salad (at the restaurant) or a cup of coffee or tea.

Researchers say caffeine has the same effect as light, keeping your brain alert so you can make the right choice.

Now do you understand how a few simple finger movements can help you lose weight?

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