Choosing the best lubricant for sex

What is the best lubricant for sex? When it comes to sex, regardless of what you enjoy, you can usually play by the rule: wet is better. If you always have sex with a dry vagina, it is better to change this method. The use of oils results in less friction, smoother skin, and improvements in all aspects of sex, regardless of gender, age, or stage of life. In this article from the section sexual Hello doctor, there are some tips about oils and lubricants.

The best lubricant for sex

In fact, according to an Indian University study, 70 percent of 2,453 women said using oil made sex better and more enjoyable. Needing to use oils and lubricants doesn’t mean you’re not interested in your partner, says Caryl Blau, a sex therapist in New York. “I think oils are like a boost for your lady or a way to save time,” she says. Because it is necessary to take a few minutes to stimulate women’s vaginas.

What type of lubricant is better to buy?

When shopping, pay attention to the different types of oils and gels, as well as the labels on them and read them. There are different types of lubricants:

  • Blue
  • Silicon
  • oily
  • Hybrid, a combination of the above

Combined lubricants are often a combination of water and silicone and are based on both materials and there are many different formulations to suit your needs.

water based

This type of lubricant, which is also known as an all-purpose lubricant, can be used for any type of sexual activity, even when using silicone toys. Water-based lubricants are safe to use with condoms and can also reduce the risk of condom tears, Blau says.

For vaginal sex, there are natural personal moisturizers that balance the pH of the vagina and reduce friction. This type of lubricant is very popular and considered because it does not color the sheets, spreads easily on the skin and washes easily with water.


Silicone based

You can try silicone lubricants that are like a layer of silk on your sensitive parts. Since silicone is hypoallergenic, most people are not allergic to it. Also, its lithium type has a longer effect. If you are looking to use a lubricant that has a long-lasting effect and does not need to be reapplied, this type is better.

Based on tests done on different types of lubricants, using silicone lubricants in the shower has better results because the water washes away all other lubricants.

Silicone in lubricants can damage the surface of silicone sex toys. When this happens, your sex toys become unsanitary because it wears down the silicone, which bacteria can grow on, Blau says.

If you share your sex toys with others, use water-based lubricants when using them for your own safety, Dr. Blau recommends.

Silicone lubricants are safe and harmless to use with condoms.

Choosing the best lubricant for relationships

Oil based

If you can’t get aroused easily, this type of lube is a boon to get you easily aroused and on track. Oily lubricants can also be used for massage during sex and for fun. But if you use latex condoms, these types of lubricants are not suitable for use. This type of lubricant increases friction and the possibility of condom tearing. Oil lubricants also increase the risk of various infections Vaginal bacterial infection Increasing. Another reason for the inefficiency of these types of lubricants is the staining of bed sheets and bed sheets.

Natural lubricants

The use of natural lubricants has been growing for the past several years. However, there is also the issue of what natural lubricants really mean. Basically, to find natural lubricants, you should look for products that have the two main options of more natural ingredients and less unnatural ingredients. Aloe Kadabra is a good choice, as 95% of its ingredients are from the Aloe Vera plant

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