Christmas makeup and tips about it

Saying and hearing Christmas unconsciously reminds us of Santa Claus and the pine tree, which is very beautifully decorated on the pine tree, and it is in the first days of winter that many people go to a party on this day. Now we want for those who like this. The guests are invited to express the cosmetic tips that are appropriate for this day
This article deals with different makeup models for holidays and parties Christmas It is very convenient.

For more beauty your eyes can from fake lash or Eyelash extensions Use to be able to have mesmerizing eyes using these eyelashes.

Smoky makeup

To create a different look for one of the best makeups, Smoky eye makeup host. This make-up, which has Asian roots, makes the eyes dazzling and beautiful. For this makeup, just use brown and cream colors to highlight the beauty of your eyes. You can also apply gray on the upper eyelid and apply a darker shade on the back of the eyes and outwards. In addition to the pencil or eye linear Use and complete your makeup.

make up1

Prominent lips

Lipsticks in bright red, crimson, or even wine are great for winter and can be used on any occasion. You can also use orange and chateau colors to show your boldness in makeup.

Lip line

Do not forget that it is always the right lipstick with the right lipstick. So if you apply a beautiful lipstick but do not have lipstick, no doubt your lips will lose their attractiveness and something will look small on your face. So try to use lipsticks suitable for your lipstick color or colors such as brown, crimson or even purple with your lipstick and lip stick Mix the appropriate colors to make your lips look more beautiful and attractive.

eye linear

For formal or informal parties, whether at Christmas or any other occasion, one of the simple and at the same time stylish makeup is to apply eyeliner on the eyes. To draw eyeliner, just use black, brown or smoky colors. Eyeliner is very important because it makes the eyes look better.


To strike Rouge Use blush and use it to show your face slimmer or fuller in the right places of the face and show your cheeks better.

the face

You can use foundation and pancakes to make your face too full or make your face look fuller.


In winter and on the verge Christmas Hair needs more care and even the most beautiful make-up loses its beauty with messy hair, so try to take better care of your hair and keep it shiny at all times.

Choose the right color

The choice of color is very important and the chosen color of makeup on the eyes, skin and eyelids can show a completely different face. If you are one of those ladies who light skin You can use lighter colors on your lips and cheeks and if Brunette skin Or darker, use tan and metallic colors to have perfect skin and makeup.

Important note

Always remember to use glossy eye shadow to make your eyes shine more and never use eye shadow on your eyelids.


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