Chronic headaches occur with being overweight

What do you know about the negative effects of being overweight on chronic headaches? When migraine headaches come to us, it is better to pay attention to the physical factors influencing this field for treatment. Researchers in this field have proven that people who are overweight will be more likely to suffer from migraine headaches.

A group of researchers said in a recent study that people ‘s weight could increase their risk of migraine headaches. A report on this comprehensive study has been published in Neurology. “People with migraines, as well as doctors, need to know that being overweight or underweight is not good for migraines at all, and keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk of migraine headaches,” says Dr. Peterlin. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University evaluated 12 previous studies in this comprehensive study, which included a total population of nearly 300,000 people. Their findings show that obese people are 27 percent more likely to have migraine headaches than healthy people. Even people who are underweight are 13 percent more likely to experience migraine headaches than people who are healthy. According to Dr. Peterlin, there is still no definitive explanation for this connection. However, adipose tissue is an endocrine organ, and its high or low levels, like those of other endogenous organs (such as the thyroid), can cause problems.


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