Citrus consumption in stomach ulcers

To deal with stomach ulcers, we have some effective treatment strategies for you. Some foods can aggravate this complication. Heartburn will increase with the consumption of some foods and nutrients. If you have this complication, it is better to pay more attention to your health. .

In gastric ulcers due to excessive secretion of acid, it is better not to consume acidic food compounds such as citrus due to high levels of citric acid, kiwi and some sour fruits in the acute period of the disease.

Also, some foods such as porridge or even milk itself, due to their tampon properties, neutralize stomach acid and can be recommended for consumption in gastric ulcers.

It is also recommended to eat food with a short novel interval as it will prevent the effect of acid on the gastric mucosa and increase heartburn.

It should be noted that most digestive problems are caused by stress, so it is useful to recommend reducing stress with walking and other exercises.

Eating large amounts of food and overeating will increase acid secretion and increase digestive work, so eating small amounts and more often is recommended.

Probiotic dairy is also beneficial, and other tolerable dairy products should be used if the person does not tolerate milk at all.

Avoid dark and full-color tea, caffeinated compounds, coffee and chocolate, high-fat and heavy-digesting ingredients such as cutlets, olive salad, and grilled kebabs.

Prepared and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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