Cleanses the body with lemon juice and vinegar

Lifestyle changes in today’s societies and reduced physical activity have led to the accumulation of waste in the human body. This has increased the prevalence of diseases such as diabetes, gout and high blood pressure among people. Therefore, we must be able to use toxins. Cleanse the body. Natural ingredients come to our aid here. Using lemon juice and vinegar with food several times a week helps to cleanse your body.

“Lemon juice is a type of antioxidant and detoxifies the body. It is anti-cancer, but its improper consumption is also wrong,” said Nematullah Masoudi, a traditional medicine specialist. It is generally recommended to use lemon juice and vinegar several times a week with food to cleanse the body.
He added: “For example, the treatment of some diabetic patients is only with honey. In traditional medicine, it is not possible to compile a general prescription for all patients because each patient is treated according to his own temperament.”
Masoudi considered the digestive condition to be the most important issue for diabetics and said: “For example, a diabetic patient who has a hot temper and a hot digestion, oranges can be helpful, but the diabetic patient who has a cold temper and a cold digestion, the opposite is true.”
The traditional medicine specialist continued: “Traditional medicine considers diabetes to be caused by the condition of the kidneys. Therefore, in this medicine, a person’s kidneys are examined. Slowly
He added: “Currently, due to special conditions and living standards, concentrated mixtures, low mobility, excrement accumulated in the body and diseases such as diabetes, gout and hypertension occur, so it is necessary to take lemon juice several times a week with food.” Use vinegar to cleanse the body in this way.Source: Health News

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