Coffee residues and these benefits

If you used to throw away the coffee grounds, it is better to keep them from now on and try to use them in the field of recycling natural materials. Remember that coffee grounds are very valuable.

Researchers have developed a way to store methane gas using coffee grounds. In this method, carbon can be absorbed by soaking and heating coffee residues. This method can have many advantages from the environmental point of view by using the recycling of natural materials.

According to the researchers, this method can create a dubbing environmental return; In this way, very harmful gases can be removed from the atmosphere and used as fuel in the next step, which is cleaner than other fossil fuels.

This method was carried out by the researchers of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea. Its working process is that coffee residues are first soaked with potassium hydroxide mixture and then heated at 700 to 900 degrees Celsius in a furnace, and finally it produces stable carbon material absorption within a day.

Christian Camp, one of the researchers of this project, says: The important thing is that we can reduce the production time of these materials and use the cheapest materials to produce fuel. Meanwhile, coffee grounds are free compared to all chemical and organic materials, and in our opinion, this process is a very easy method.

Another important point is that the characteristic of carbon absorption by coffee residues is the key feature of the success of this process. “It seems like when we add sodium hydroxide to make activated carbon, it can absorb anything,” Kemp says.

21 December 2014 22:14

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