Coldness of marital relations

To remove coldness in marital relations, it is better to take these methods and stay with us.

There are some female and male behaviors that will make your partner cold towards repeat sex without realizing it. Since women are the first, this time we will discuss the issues that make a woman cold towards sex. b.

Last week, we pointed out some of the reasons for the cooling of spouses’ relationships in general, and we said that repetitiveness and lack of a sufficient plan for a diverse marital relationship, fatigue, boredom, and not liking their bodies can cause the husband and wife to become cold towards this relationship. . But these are not all the reasons that can make a marriage cold.

Sometimes the coldness of the relationship between spouses crosses the border of apathy, which can be solved to a great extent by wearing stimulating clothes or a two-day trip without children. In such a case, the problem is more serious than these words, and that is when the husband and wife, and in most cases, one of them, are suffering from a cold-tempered problem with physical roots, which we will talk about in detail.

But in this article, we want to examine the issues that can cause your bedroom to fall out of prosperity in daily life and behavior.

There are some female and male behaviors that will make your partner cold towards repeat sex without realizing it. Since women are the first, this time we will discuss the issues that make a woman cold towards sex.

If you also think that your wife has no passion for this relationship, stay with us until the end of this article to see what men make their wives cold.

Impractical fantasies

One of the sexual injuries that cause problems for spouses is the presence of porn movies in the market, which are easily accessible these days with the help of the Internet and virtual networks, but the fact is that they show the marital relationship in a way that does not happen in reality. Sometimes it even causes men and women to become cold towards their own relationship and feel that their partner has a problem in terms of physical size and different forms of relationship, when it is not the case. The harm that many men do to their marital relationship by watching these movies and imitating their movements is the interest in showing a violent relationship, which may even harm their wife’s body and reduce the emotional burden of the relationship.

It should be noted that some women enjoy violence in a relationship, but it’s important that you don’t imitate movies or hearsay. The best person who can advise you on proper sexual behavior is your spouse. Try asking him how he likes to be treated.

Unhygienic sex

Women care a lot about their husband’s grooming. Just as you like your wife to look good, so does your wife. Paying attention to personal hygiene and especially removing bad breath is very important in attracting your partner. You may come from work and tiredness makes you not feel like going to the bathroom, but you can do a toothbrush and a change of clothes. Men who have ugly and annoying personal habits also make their wives reluctant. (Touching your nose, holding your nails on the floor, etc. are among the most annoying habits for women) So act like a complete man with character so that your wife will be interested in a relationship with you.

Pleasure seasoned with fear

When you don’t intend to have a child, your wife’s fear of sex increases, especially if your method of contraception is a natural method and in fact you have a beard and scissors in your hands, then your wife is more apprehensive. A small mistake can lead to 9 months of unwanted pregnancy. So it is better to choose a method that your wife can enter into the relationship without fear and enjoy it.

A man must be a man

Men who have low self-confidence and constantly think that they are not a good partner will transfer this feeling to their partner and cause them to lose the feeling of being with a powerful partner, which is very satisfying for a woman. A man’s authority is very important in a great sex relationship, so be authoritative.

Beautiful moments after the relationship

Men who emotionally and emotionally distance themselves from women immediately after their relationship ends and satisfy their lust, make it difficult for themselves for the next relationship. If you stay with your partner for 10 minutes after the end of the relationship, you will convey to him a feeling that will multiply his interest in sex. Many women think that their partner wants them only for their sexual satisfaction, and your work (attention after the end of the relationship) will convey the opposite feeling to them.

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