Combine coconut oil with exercise

The results of a new research proved that the combination of coconut oil and daily exercise can improve the sensitivity of the pressor reflex and the amount of oxidative stress. Reduce blood pressure. Coconut oil has special compounds of fatty acids that have beneficial effects on health such as fat reduction, better brain function, etc. The researchers of the Biotechnology Center of the Federal University in one of the cities of Brazil conducted the present study to test the hypothesis that the combination of coconut oil and exercise can improve the sensitivity to pressor reflexes and reduce the amount of oxidative stress and blood pressure. This research was conducted on an animal model (rat) for 5 weeks. The researchers found that both coconut oil and exercise led to weight loss compared to saline and the non-exercise group. Despite the fact that coconut oil supplementation or physical activity – both – reduce blood pressure, but only the combination of coconut oil and regular physical activity can restore blood pressure values ​​to normal levels. This effect is caused by the combination of coconut oil and exercise due to the improvement of the pressure reflex by reducing the oxidative pressure of the serum, heart and aorta. Coconut oil is one of the food items that is given less attention today, despite these athletes and people who have a healthy lifestyle, they pay special attention to this oil. The article related to this study was published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.


June 18, 2014 12:18 p.m

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