Common genital skin problem

The most common sexual skin disease is herpes and genital warts, which is a harmful and very dangerous and contagious condition that most couples are unaware of.

Skin diseases are among the diseases that many people suffer from; From all kinds of pimples to herpes and warts. But some skin diseases are hidden and therefore few people think of treating them; Such as genital skin diseases. Many married men and women are not very familiar with these types of diseases and their treatment, and for this reason, they may face problems in the long run.

We have discussed this with Dr. Mojtaba Amiri, a skin disease specialist.

What is the cause of some skin diseases in the genital area?

Skin diseases in the genital area occur due to the anatomical features of the body and usually occur due to the marital relationship in women and men. Most of them are transmissible and infectious.

For example, which disease?

For example, genital warts, which originate from a virus that is transmitted through sexual intercourse and shows itself as a bump on the genital area. At first, these warts may be small and that’s why the person does not seek their treatment, but they will grow bigger over time.

How is it treated?

These types of warts usually do not have medical treatment, but they can be destroyed or removed with topical compounds. Of course, vaccines have also entered the market that can be used to prevent this disease.

Is this disease more dangerous for women or men?

It is usually more dangerous for women because it may cause cervical cancer, but both sexes should avoid risky and unprotected sexual behaviors anyway.

Is genital herpes among the genital diseases in women and men?

Yes, genital herpes is also a viral infection and is very easily transmitted. This disease usually manifests as a primary local ulcer with a tendency to improve and local recurrence. In women, the initial location of lesions is the vagina and cervix, and after recurrence, sores appear in the vagina, skin around the anus, legs, and buttocks. In men, the genital or pubic area is the site of genital herpes sores. Genital herpes may develop in other parts of the genital system, around the anus and mouth of men and women, depending on their sexual behavior.

What other types of non-communicable diseases can you give as an example?

Types of fungal diseases. Fungal diseases usually grow in areas of the body that have high humidity; For example, in people who are very obese, this disease has a very high prevalence, and women who are of reproductive age are more susceptible to this skin disease.

What should be done to treat these diseases?

Hygiene must be observed and clean and cotton underwear must be used. If you are sure that there is a problem in the genital area and its surroundings, you must see a doctor to be treated.

What type of fungal disease usually threatens men?

Tinea cruris is one of the most common fungal infections of the skin and manifests itself as a superficial infection and itching of the groin area and skin. This disease is mostly transmitted to the groin through the use of contaminated and shared towels and sheets or from other contaminated areas of the body such as fingernails and toenails. Obesity and wearing tight or wet underwear are predisposing factors for this type of infection, and the prevalence of this disease is usually 3 times higher in men than in women.

Does this skin disease have any special symptoms?

Usually, fungal infection of the groin manifests as red and symmetrical lesions, pain and inflammation in this part of the body. This pain can spread to the lower abdomen and inner thigh. In acute cases, these lesions are wet and accompanied by discharge, and in chronic cases, they are dry and darker with less crusts.

To what extent can these types of diseases be treated with proper nutrition and food methods?

Unfortunately, these types of diseases cannot be treated with food methods. It is true that the functioning of the immune system is related to good nutrition, but nutrition is not very effective in improving some skin diseases. I can only suggest that in order to prevent and even cure these types of skin diseases, you should avoid risky sexual behavior as much as you can.

Can testicular cancer also be classified among these diseases?

No, testicular cancer does not have an infectious origin and is not very common, but it is an important disease that has a simple diagnosis. Just as women are advised to regularly examine their breasts for early detection of breast cancer, men are also advised to see a doctor immediately if they see any changes or irregularities in their testicles so that if there is a problem, they can be treated quickly.

What solution do you suggest so that men get less skin diseases in the genital area?

They must follow the hygiene rules and use condoms. Try to be physically active because appropriate physical activity such as exercise greatly reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and take care of your mental health.

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