Common testicular problem

What do you know about the causes of testicular cancer in adolescents and do you know the best treatments for this problem? How does this complication occur in them and what can be done to prevent it from occurring in the testicles? How can this complication be diagnosed? And why it is so common in teenagers!

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Mohammadizdani stated the following: Testicular cancer is not very common, but its risk is high. Because testicular cancer occurs between the ages of 15 and 39, diagnosis and treatment should begin very quickly. Therefore, late diagnosis of testicular cancer with rapid metastasis to other organs of the body kills the patient.

He continued: A man should always examine his testicles and if he sees the slightest problem, he should see a doctor immediately for blood tests; CT scan and ultrasound performed. In case of cancer diagnosis, necessary treatment or surgery should be performed, because testicular cancer can be treated in the early stages.

He stressed: “Observing any type of mass in the testicles of infants and adults should not be taken lightly because it is either testicular torsion or it may be a malignant disease.”

According to Yazdani, the causes of testicular cancer are not known; But it is generally a genetic disease.

The urologist said that men should see a specialist as soon as they see any physical problems or other abnormal pain and symptoms in the genital area for immediate examination and treatment. However, testicular cancer is the most dangerous cancer in young people if diagnosed. And timely treatment does not have a high mortality rate.

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