Complete information about coldness in sexual relations

In this section, we will discuss in detail about coldness in sexual relations, which is mostly the problem of women. We examine all the problems in this regard and provide the necessary help to treat this problem in brief

Sexual Desire Disorder (which is also called cold-tempered) is divided into two groups:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Sexual aversion disorder is more common than sexual aversion disorder and is seen more in women than men, but in sexual aversion disorder, the severity of the disorder is greater. Statistics show that about 20% of people have libido deficiency disorder. Sexual aversion disorder is similar to phobia (morbid fear) and can exist in a person at the same time as libido deficiency disorder, and both indicate low frequency of sexual interactions. In diagnosis Ballinger should assess Joe’s age, general health, and life stressors, and should determine what level of libido he had before the onset of the disorder. The need for contact and sexual satisfaction varies among different people and from time to time in each person. For example, if a couple has sex 4 times a month and it does not cause them discomfort, they should not be diagnosed with sexual desire disorder.

Men’s sexual coolers:

1- Women who act as if they don’t like sex and flirting.
2- Women who are never beginners.
3- Women who do not know enough about men’s bodies.
4- Women who leave the burden of reaching sexual climax to their man.
5- Women who act like police in bed
6- Women who are motionless and unresponsive like a corpse in bed.
7- Women who talk a lot in bed.
8- Women who do not care much about their health and beauty
9- Women who don’t like their appearance and look and constantly put themselves down and humiliate themselves.
10- Women who are too sensitive to their appearance.
11- Women who do not like to receive flirting.
12- Women who use their tongue a lot when kissing.
13- Women who are too serious.
14- Women who are too dependent on their man.
15- Short-minded and superficial women (or so-called yellow journalists!)
16- Women who only care about the man’s financial and economic situation.
17- Women who use their body and gender to play men.
18- Women who constantly talk about their fiancé or ex-husband.
19- Women who are not sexually motivated.
20- Women who wear ugly old underwear

((((It should be noted that women’s sexual coolers, often like men is. but The most important Its cause is marital discord and especially Lack of emotional and psychological acceptance of the spouseis by a woman.)))


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