Complete training to have a pleasurable sex with your wife

Having sex and meeting the sexual needs of men and women are among the most important reasons for marriage, as well as the commitment of men and women to married life. Researches show that today the reason for most divorces between couples is the lack of enjoyable and complete sex, which will have very destructive consequences. In the continuation of the method Increased libido And we will teach you how to have a pleasant and complete sex.

Before establishing a relationship

Prepare yourself mentally before the relationship!

Husband and wife should have sexually stimulating conversations before sex. Provocative and sensual conversations before sex are enjoyable for husband and wife and a factor for their mental stimulation and preparation. Husband and wife should raise their sexual desires and questions, such as what they enjoy doing and which part of their body they would like their partner to pay more attention to during intercourse. Of course, from these sentences before sex can use to double the pleasure in their sexual relationship: “I love you”, “The biggest chance of my life is meeting and marrying you”, “There is no one in this world like you for me”, “You are very, very I love you” and…

Know that he does not automatically know how to give you pleasure
These days, there are few men who do not know how to make love with their wives, but this is not always the case. The problem is that things that used to be fun for you may no longer be fun. The reason can be having a baby or getting older. If you don’t tell him what you want, how will he know?

Foreplay and flirting before sex

Flirting can be considered a golden key to open a big door. Women definitely have a more subtle revelation than men, and men also have more greed and desire to start a relationship than women. A proper and long courtship can prepare both of them for a full relationship.

The more time a couple spends flirting before intercourse, the more enjoyable their sex will be. Using touch and caressing makes them more comfortable in sex. Pay attention to the whole body of women in flirting and foreplay, be sure that if your partner is sexually aroused, he will take actions and invite you for sex. They are going to tell their spouse right away and ask him to continue or increase it, in short, they should not be inactive and silent during the marital relationship.

Complete training to have a pleasurable sex with your wife

Methods of having sex

1- The woman lies on her back and spreads her legs, and after inserting the man’s penis into her own penis, she slowly opens her legs and brings her thighs together so that the man is completely between the woman’s legs. The position of thigh pressure stimulates the labia majora and clitoris. This type of sexual action is suitable for the first months of pregnancy, but for men who penis They are long, not suitable.

2- The most common type of sexual act, which is done in this way in about 80% of close relationships, is that the woman lies on her back and bends her thighs and knees slightly, the man is placed between her legs and after His penis rests on the woman while the support point of his lower body is on his knees. In this type of sexual act, the penetration is almost complete, but the opening of the uterus and the clitoris (the protrusion of the tip of the female penis, which is the most sensitive point of a woman to be stimulated) is less stimulated. This method is suitable for the wedding night, but it is not suitable for pregnant women, especially from the second half of pregnancy, because the weight of the man’s body is placed on the woman’s belly.

3- In this method, the woman lies on her back and bends her legs over her stomach and chest and either puts them on the man’s shoulders or wraps them around his waist. in this case Female genitalia (Vagina) becomes shorter by 3-4 cm and as a result, the penetration of the male penis into the female vulva is performed completely. Also, the clitoris is located in the path of the male penis and is stimulated by the contact of the penis.

In this method, due to full penetration, both men and women are satisfied, and on the other hand, there is a greater possibility of impregnating the woman. Men whose pleasurable fluid flows quickly can use this method in every movement of their penis when having sex with a woman. take them out of the woman’s penis and insert them again, and by reducing the movements of the pleasurable liquid, pour them into the woman’s vagina later to feel the most sexual pleasure in them.

Complete training to have a pleasurable sex with your wife

4- The woman sits on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging apart and leaning on her elbows. The man stands between her legs and inserts his penis into the woman’s penis. He put a pillow under the woman’s hips so that the weight of the male penis is on the same level and facing each other. In this type of sexual activity, the clitoris (protrusion of the top tip of the girls’ penis) is well stimulated. Also, this method is the most suitable method for the wedding night and tearing the veil of girls, and it makes intimacy easier for fat men.

5- The man lies on his back and stretches his legs together. The woman places her legs on the sides of the man’s legs and sits on him or kneels and leans forward a little and leans on her hands and puts the man’s penis in her vulva. And it comes with the woman, and with the successive movements that she gives herself, she causes the man’s pleasurable fluid to spill and her own pleasurable fluid to be released. In this method, the penetration is done completely and because the activity is with the woman, the peak of the woman’s sexual pleasure comes sooner. This method is suitable for preventing pregnancy. Because most of the man’s pleasurable fluid returns to the bottom after being poured. It is also a good method for tired men or those whose penis does not straighten completely.

6- The man lies on his back and the woman sits on him or kneels and leans forward, but this time the woman’s back is towards the man. It moves until the peak of sexual pleasure comes. This method is suitable for obese men and pregnant women.

In addition to these methods, there are many other methods that can help improve the relationship between the couple if both men and women want to. But the essential thing in between is the consent of both parties to establish a relationship in this way. Remember that a perfect sex helps a lot Enhance sexual power emotional relationships.

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