Complications and disadvantages of hair keratin

In this section, which has been published in Dr. Salam’s medical journal under the title of hair keratin complications and disadvantages, we discuss the disadvantages of hair keratin. Keratinizing hair is one of the common methods of straightening hair and getting rid of frizzy hair, and it is so-called “straightener, miracle worker”. In fact, this method is used as a natural method to straighten hair, while harmful chemicals are used to do it.

The most important side effects of hair keratinization are:

Cancer risk

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that is found in almost all hair keratin products. Even the popular type of keratin hair called the Brazilian type contains formaldehyde. Although most beauty salons use hair masks to remove formaldehyde, there is no way to prevent the absorption of a very small amount of formaldehyde from the skin, and formaldehyde has a strong potential to cause cancer.
Although there are a few keratin products that do not contain formaldehyde, these materials do not have the desired results because the hair straightening power is due to the presence of formaldehyde.

2- hair loss

Another big problem is hair loss in some users of this method. It has been seen that hair starts to fall out from the roots after the first wash even if they use hair care products that are recommended in salons.

In addition, apart from hair loss, hair thinning has also been seen within a few weeks after hair keratin treatment.

In this situation, it is necessary to visit a specialist doctor to check the cause of hair loss and it may be necessary to take anti-hair loss drugs.

3- Destruction of hair structure

The hair may become shiny and shiny immediately after keratinization, but this does not last long, and the consistency and texture of the hair will change 2-3 weeks after keratinization. The hair becomes dry and brittle, but the shape of the curls or curls has changed and straightened, so the expectation you had of straightening the hair may not be met after 2 or 3 washes.

4- Allergic reactions

Like other hair treatments, hair keratinization has been associated with allergic reactions in a number of people. These symptoms include itching and red bumps, which are common symptoms of allergies. You should note that if you have an allergy, think about choosing this method.

Side effects caused by hair keratinization are often severe. You may be tired of your curly or frizzy hair, but you should be careful that hair keratin treatment followed by hair straightening usually does not last more than 2 months.

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