Complications of eating while having fun

We Iranians are always eating along with our entertainment and we don’t stop eating along with our entertainment. This great interest in eating has caused obesity and overweight in the population of our country.

Eating different foods is enjoyable for everyone, and most people base their entertainment on going to various restaurants.

Nowadays, eating food is no longer just to satisfy the need and hunger, but it has become a constant part of our entertainment to the point that instead of filling our free time with sports, hiking and other healthy activities, we go to restaurants and eat all kinds of food. And we fill up with foods that maybe some of them are not only not useful for us but also harm our health, that is why the population of Iran is getting fatter regardless of age and gender, mass entertainment for us. It is summed up in going to a restaurant, cinema and park, and finally a short picnic, which in this open state is the main criterion for having fun eating.

Rotations of tastes in the passage of time
Our people, of course, those who can afford it, think about changing their taste and introducing foreign foods to the list of daily meals and cooking in the Farengi style.

In Shiraz, although there is no shortage of sandwiches, pizzas, and Farengi food, its people still prefer to eat shakarplo, cabbage pilaf, qorme ba, onion juice, halim bamjan, and peach meatballs.

In Isfahan, people’s heart is still with Biryani, and a woman who is a cook takes pride in cooking Kofte Sabzi, Kale Joosh, Amaj and Ash Sumaq.

In Tabriz, even though some young people have completely become fast food and their Iranian taste has been lost, carrot stew, Tabrizi meatballs with leaves, pan kebabs, ash dogh and tomatoes still have fanatical fans.

The people of Kermanshah are also proud that, despite foreign foods, rib roast, Tarkhineh almond stew, Sibpelo, Khamar Ash are still remembered in the city, as well as the Bandar Abbasid people, who have not eaten pilomahi, chelomigo marble fish throughout history.

Expensive, but attractive
Eating a foreign meal in a restaurant is considered expensive, but this high price comes from the raw materials of the food, which sometimes have to be imported from our country, and also because of the type of foreign restaurants that the restaurant operator incurs a lot of expenses.

But again, this high price does not prevent the fans of Farangi cuisine to sit behind the tables and chairs of these restaurants.

Eating that brings happiness
Nutritionist Payam Farah Bakhsh said: Eating actually makes people feel relaxed and satisfied, eating sweet foods increases people’s happiness and vitality and increases the serotonin hormone, which increases happiness, so all over the world Iran and foreign countries are part of entertainment, therefore, due to this good feeling, many people do not observe the limit and experience the pleasure of eating every minute, which will lead to weight gain and many diseases.

He further added: Therefore, it is recommended that although eating gives us a good feeling, we should use it in a controlled manner, and secondly, if we want to experience the pleasure of eating, we should use foods that have fewer calories. For example, vegetables, lettuce, carrot and cucumber are good options for people in this regard.

Control your eating
This nutritionist stated: Unfortunately, like European and American countries, the use of fast foods and high-fat, salty and high-sugar snacks is increasing. Nutritionists do not pay attention and use too much fast food and snacks, leading to the occurrence of excessive obesity that we see in Northern European and African countries, we will see this situation in Iran in the not too distant future, so at first we should increase the activities Let’s physically fight this bad eating habit.

In the end, he stated: If we want to compare Iran with European countries, we will find that European countries are in a much worse situation and when they get together on any pretext, they use fast food.

Entertainment at the cost of entertainment
Ali Naghi Faqihi, a psychologist, said: People generally have their own hobbies and feel that they have a lot of energy and should occupy themselves in different ways. Eating is a kind of entertainment and it usually provides the basis for other group work, but if we want to examine it from the psychological aspect, we will notice that when group work people even do the group work of eating, their energy is depleted and they are trying to return this energy.

He continued: these people do not have obvious psychological effects in their lives, and their taste changes are real, and they seek to know the nature of food and, in other words, to discover their truth, these people usually seek to reach results that Get results soon.

Faqihi, a psychologist, said: It is not correct to compare the eating of Iranians and Europeans from a psychological point of view, because each of these people is looking for immediate relief for themselves.

In the end, maybe eating a variety of foods with lots of colors and glazes and going to expensive restaurants is enjoyable for everyone and considered as a pastime, but with a little excess and carelessness in eating, we may harm our health, so we should Control our eating.

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