Complications of potatoes for the heart and blood vessels

If you are among those suffering from high blood pressure, we recommend that you stop eating potatoes, because it causes the severity of this disorder in your body.

According to a new study, eating too many potatoes increases the risk of high blood pressure.

According to Harvard University researchers, eating four or more servings of potatoes per week is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure compared to eating less than one serving per month, with an increase of 11% for baked potatoes and 17% for fried potatoes. The percentage is higher.

According to the researchers, the interesting thing is that apparently potato chips do not increase this risk.

Dr. Lee Borghi, head of the research team, says: “In this study, we found out the relationship between potato consumption and the risk of high blood pressure and other diseases.”

In this study, Borghi and his colleagues followed the condition of 187,000 men and women participating in three studies for more than 20 years. During this time, participants completed a questionnaire about their diet. None of the participants had high blood pressure at the beginning of the study.

Compared to other vegetables, potatoes have a high glycemic index. This index caused a sharp increase in blood sugar, which can explain the findings of this study. The glycemic index determines how carbohydrates raise blood sugar.

According to Borghi, this study does not prove that potatoes cause high blood pressure, but only that it appears to be associated with an increased risk.

Of course, since potatoes contain large amounts of potassium, they should be included in the diet. Consuming it together with a non-starchy vegetable reduces its effect on blood pressure.


May 30, 1395 13:19

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