Complications of sexual fantasies in couples

Why are some couples constantly having sexual fantasies? What do they expect from each other? A woman can ruin and destroy their marital relationship by imagining sexual failure and a man by imagining that he has premature ejaculation. What are the characteristics of a healthy marital relationship and how is it accessible?

According to a clinical psychologist, one of the main reasons for couples’ tendency to use addictive drugs is to model satellite pornographic programs that lead to a couple misconceptions about the nature and nature of marital relationships.

Dr. Nasir Abedini points out that many couples, in consultation with psychologists, compare their behavior and marital relationships with satellite porn programs and expect a healthy marital relationship for a few minutes like professional actors in programs. To increase the vulgar to more than half an hour, he added: with such a perception, the woman with the idea of ​​sexual failure and the man with the idea that he has premature ejaculation and could not satisfy his partner, motivated to increase sexual ability to use drugs They turn.

According to this psychologist, one of the effects of the mentioned substances is that at the beginning of consumption, delayed ejaculation causes prolongation of sexual intercourse, but after a while, because of time, the person becomes dependent on that substance and the drug can no longer cause sexual satisfaction. Reaching orgasm and sometimes severe disruption of the ejaculatory system, gradually leading to anxiety disorders, depression, lethargy, lethargy and low libido.

Dr. Abedini pointed out that some narcotics at the beginning of use due to disruption of the brain inhibition system in controlling sexual impulses cause a person to constantly have to think about sexual behaviors and in fact become addicted to excessive sexual fantasies, he said. : Extreme sexual fantasies increase anxiety, obsession, sexual perfectionism, and ultimately sexual excitement and diversity, and lead to unbridled group sexual behaviors and participation in high-risk parties, and the lack of a private sexual partner increases the risk of AIDS and disease. Increases sexual intercourse.

He pointed out: Lack of awareness of normal and healthy sexual relations, often causes such problems among spouses and the best centers that can accurately and definitively respond to sexual problems and disorders of spouses and help them to establish a healthy relationship. Marriage to guide and teach, there are clinics called “family health clinics” located in prominent hospitals in the country.

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