Complications of washing the head in the hairdresser’s sink

When you put your head in the hair washing sinks in hairdressing salons, you put yourself at risk of blockage of blood vessels in the brain and your health will be endangered.

Many of you have gone to beauty salons for various tasks, one of the most common of which is hairdressing after dyeing your hair in special sinks that put your head in the recess and wash your hair.

Researchers have found that this simple task endangers the lives of many women; When a person puts his head in the sink, the neck is pressed hard and a lot of pressure is applied to the blood vessels that go to the brain, which greatly increases the risk of stroke.

In the course of this study, the scientists encountered a woman who had been admitted to the hospital for a stroke a few days later in the same beauty salon, while she did not have any of the other stroke factors. Doctors said the most likely cause of her stroke was washing her hair in a beauty salon and putting pressure on her cerebral arteries.

If for any reason you go to a beauty salon and you have to use this hair wash sink while your head is in the sink sink, put one or two towels behind your neck to prevent future strokes.

Source: myhealthylifevision

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