Concomitant consumption of these foods causes gastrointestinal side effects

Which food to eat with which food is one of the most important points that should always be considered. Eating certain foods together can cause digestive problems. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, there are important points that should be considered. Be with Dr. Salam.

“Because salads are heavy and not easily digested, they should not be eaten together, as it can damage the machine,” said Reyhannegari, a nutritionist and dietitian. They become digestive and stomach.

The nutritionist pointed out that in the cold season, tomatoes and cucumbers should not be used together because they have a cold nature and are not compatible with each other. Fermented and secreted by acid in the stomach causes damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

Negari continued: Consumption of nuts and hot foods along with cold foods such as tomatoes, cheese, yogurt, cucumber and… prevents damage to the digestive system.

According to him, consuming bread, cheese, cucumber and tomato as supper in summer has less problems and can be used in small quantities.

The nutritionist and dietitian emphasized that the consumption of cheese with watermelon should be avoided in these seasons of the year, adding: Consumption of these foods, like tomatoes and cucumbers, because of their cold nature, causes side effects such as bloating, constipation and It causes headaches in people.

Referring to the consumption of yogurt and cucumber, he stated: Using yogurt with cucumber during lunch or dinner with each other is also one of the wrong habits that people do.

The nutritionist added: “Consumption of yogurt in the cold season reduces the body’s energy, but a mixture of dried mint with it can slightly reduce the coldness of yogurt.”

Source: Reporters Club

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