Confusion of parents to have sex after the birth of a child

Usually, when a husband and wife get married and as long as they don’t have a child, they have sex with Faragh Bal whenever they want. But when a child is born, sometimes parents have problems having sex. Their marital relationship may be endangered.

When should the child’s bedroom be separated?
A child can sleep in his own bedroom from about one and a half years old, and this not only allows parents to have their privacy, but also has good effects on the child’s development and gives him a sense of independence. If the child gets used to his own room, parents can have sex and spend time together during their rest hours without any problems.

Some people think that babies don’t notice anything and that’s why they have sex in front of the baby? What do you think about this?
Unfortunately, sometimes parents, thinking that their child does not understand anything and is a baby, have intimacy and sex in front of their eyes, while babies, even when they cannot speak, have a very strong memory and record all the images in their minds and even They may think that their father is beating and upsetting their mother, and this, in addition to the effect of sex on the child’s psyche, makes him resent the father.

How should parents adjust their sex schedule so that there is no problem for the child?
They should postpone the times when they are supposed to have sex when the child is asleep or not at home. You can even postpone sex from night to morning when the child is sleeping. If the child’s age is such that it can be entrusted to someone, it is better to do this for an hour a week so that the parents can have sex without the stress of the child waking up.

The birth of a child in a joint life is something that you have to evolve in life, but the ignorant behavior of parents sometimes causes their life and sexual relations to face serious problems. For example, sometimes couples keep postponing their sex because of this fear of being seen in front of the child, and this issue gradually causes coldness in the sexual relationship, while this problem can be solved with a simple plan.

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