Consequences of reducing calorie intake in women

It is better to know that you can not always count on diets and it is better to get acquainted with the side effects and harms of reducing calories and reducing fat consumption in your body. This has many harms for women’s health and can cause disorders in metabolism and system. Be safe for these people. Pay attention to the small and important tips and points in this regard.

The effect of low calorie diets on women’s health. Many women think that in order to lose weight, they must follow a low-calorie and low-fat diet. Unfortunately, such a misconception leads to various problems and threatens women’s health.

Weight and especially weight loss is one of the common concerns of many women. The key to losing weight may make sense to some women by reducing their calorie intake, but the type of fuel your body also plays an important role. Women’s bodies are designed to metabolize nutrients slowly and store body fat for periods of hunger. It may seem unusual for women to go hungry in modern times, but when we reduce the calories we consume, our bodies also slow down their metabolism, which makes weight loss more difficult.

Eat Greek yogurt and whole grains for a flat stomach


Many experts try every day to make women understand the complexities of their bodies. There are several factors that can affect a woman’s metabolism: insulin resistance, thyroid imbalance, toxin accumulation in the body, adrenal imbalance, food allergies.

All of these imbalances affect the way food is metabolized and stored in fat. This is why the conditions of many women improve if we look more closely at the specific underlying causes that cause weight gain in women.

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