Consequences of taking a shower

Are you one of those people who take a lot of showers and do it daily? Do you know the side effects of taking a shower and do you know what effects they will have on the health of your skin? Excessive showering poses a lot of risks to your skin and hair. It has side effects for our heart and immune system.

Scientists’ research shows that excessive showering damages the hair.

Scientists have shown that excessive showering can damage the hair.

According to helthdailynews, research by scientists at the Genetics Center at the University of Utah in the United States suggests that excessive showering is not only beneficial for human hair, but can also damage hair.

Excessive showering can damage all bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live in and on the skin, according to research from the Center for Genetic Science.

According to the report, “symbiotic microorganisms” are essential for human health, and the results of this research show that “disruption of the ecosystem of” symbiotic microorganisms “can cause disease”; As a result, the digestive system and the heart may be damaged.

A study of residents of the village of Yanomami in the Amazon found that people who live there have more germs on their skin; They also have the most extensive bacterial and genetic function ever reported in humans.

Finally, the results of this study showed that showering and shampooing the hair affect the diversity of “symbiotic microorganisms”, but what was not clear in this study was how often to shower.

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