Consuming fish oil during pregnancy is my way to prevent asthma in children

The health of newborns depends largely on the nutrition of their mothers during pregnancy. New research shows that women who consume fish oil during the third trimester of pregnancy have a one-third lower risk of developing asthma in their children.

According to research by Dr. Hans Bisgard, a professor at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, fish oil is high in fatty acids but has no significant side effects.

“My personal interpretation is that fish oil is a safe way to prevent some cases of asthma in children,” Bisgard said. But he also said there are questions for future studies. Like, when is the best time to start consuming fish oil during pregnancy? And how much consumption is appropriate?

“It is possible that even lower doses may work,” said Dr. Jennifer Wu, a gynecologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “She now suggested that pregnant women consult their doctor about whether they need more of the fatty acids in fish oil.”

The fatty acids found in fish oil are mainly DHA and EPA.

According to researchers, supplements are more effective in mothers who have a gene that lowers DHA / EPA levels in the blood. The percentage of people with the bad genes that lower DHA and EPA levels varies from population to population.

Dr. Jeffrey Beiler, head of the pediatric ward at Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Miami, noted that issues such as family history and exposure to environmental hazards, such as cigarette smoke, are risk factors for asthma in children.

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