Consuming these foods will make you old!

Youth and freshness are among the desires of every individual. Human lifestyle has a great impact on your youth and vitality; One of the main points that is very effective in your youth and beauty is your type of nutrition. Just as eating certain foods will rejuvenate and strengthen your skin, some foods will damage your skin and make you age. Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to maintain good health and youth of your skin and body, it is enough to avoid eating certain foods.


There are several reasons why diet Filled with sugar, make you look older. When excess sugar enters the body, so does collagen Skin Attached and makes it stiff and inflexible. Loss of elasticity of young skin causes deep wrinkles in it and makes the skin look older.


Salt dehydrates the body. In this case, you will feel tired and as a result, your appearance will look tired. In addition, too much salt contributes to kidney disease and high blood pressure, and interferes with bone metabolism.

Trans fats: ش Like sugar, excess trans fats make the skin firm and inflexible. These fats clog and clog small arteries and blood vessels, making the skin look older.

Sweet snacks:

Sugar in sugary foods causes inflammation in the body and makes the skin wrinkle and look old.

Artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are associated with headaches and joint pain and can increase your cravings for sweets.

Carbonated drinks:

Carbonated drinks cause dehydration because they contain a lot of sugar. This causes Fatigue Body and face look tired. Use water instead of fizzy drinks. Try to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Energy drinks:

These drinks damage the enamel eight times more often than carbonated drinks, and as a result, the teeth look yellow and unhealthy.


Excessive consumption carbohydrate They can destroy the collagen and fiber in the skin.

Fried foods:

Fried foods cause spoilage collagen They become skinny and show wrinkled and tired skin.

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