Consumption of fish oil strengthens metabolism and immune system

Helping people with asthma

New research from the University of Rochester shows that products containing omega-3 fatty acids reduce the production of antibodies that cause asthma and allergies in the body. However, in acute patients with these diseases who take oral steroids, the benefits are prevented due to the presence of a medicinal element.

Boost metabolism

Researchers in Japan have found that fish oil activates receptors in the digestive tract of mice, so cells are stored in the nervous system for fat metabolism. The researchers gave one group of mice a fatty diet containing fish oil, while the other group was given a diet without the supplement. They found that rats fed fish oil weighed 5 to 10 percent less.

Boosting immunity system

According to researchers in a 2013 experiment on supplements, fish oil has immune-boosting properties that can be beneficial for people with immunodeficiency. According to researchers, fish oil stimulates the activity of white blood cells in strengthening the immune system.

Dealing with depression

Fish oil supplements have been shown to relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate depression. People with unipolar depression also had reduced symptoms after taking one or two grams of the supplement a day.

Heart protection

Omega-3s have always been linked to better heart health, and although recent studies show that taking about 300 mg of omega-3s through diet or supplements is beneficial, taking too much of it is not helpful.

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