Consumption of these foods causes gas production

There are some foods that the digestive system cannot decompose well, and this causes the production of gas to increase, which creates painful conditions. In this article from Hi doctor We have dealt with foods that cause gas production. We suggest you do not miss this article. Join us.

It is not an acute problem to produce small amounts of gas in the human body, but it is a good idea to identify the problematic factors when the gas creates a distressing or painful condition.

Some foods can cause gas formation digestive system Raise people and identifying them can help alleviate the turmoil in this area. Here are some of them.


White bread contains fructan. Fructan is a water-soluble fiber that humans do not have digestive enzymes to break down. When the human body cannot decompose anything, gas production increases.


Decomposition of starches such as pasta (also, corn and potato) Leads to gas production in the large intestine. Did you know that rice is the only starch that does not produce gas?


Garlic also contains fructans. To prevent gas production, you can fry garlic in olive oil over a gentle heat, then separate the garlic from the oil. The remaining oil takes on the aroma of garlic and can be used for cooking.

an onion

an onion

Like garlic, onions contain gas-producing fructans. Onion powder is hidden in many spice combinations, sauces and broths.

Soy milk

People who consume soy milk daily can quit this habit to get rid of gas and painful and unpleasant bloating. Soy milk is typically made from whole soy, which contains galacto-oligosaccharides, a fiber that is quickly consumed by gut microbes and produces gas. Instead of soy milk, you can consider consuming almond milk, which has less fermentable carbohydrates and is an option with less gas production.

Granola Bar

Many commercial granules contain chicory root to increase their fiber content. Fiber chicory root has a high fermentation rate, which can produce a significant amount of gas.


Another latent culprit in the production of gas in the human body is sorbitol, which is found naturally in fruits such as apples, pears, Peach And there are plums. If they bother you, be moderate.

Source: The Age of Iran

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