Control prostate cancer with asthma medication

In a new research that investigated the effect of asthma drugs on the rate of prostate cancer recovery, it was found that common asthma drugs can play an important role in improving the treatment process of prostate cancer.

According to ISNA and quoted by Daily Mail, British scientists have made a great discovery that can help reduce or even prevent the spread of prostate cancer to the bones.

At the stage when prostate cancer forms tumors in the bone marrow, the disease is usually incurable.

But scientists at the University of York have investigated the causes of prostate cancer spreading to the bone and ways to stop this process.

They found that there is a protein in the bone marrow that acts like a magnetic docking station for prostate cancer cells in the blood.

They also discovered that a known non-toxic drug called AS1517499, previously tested for the treatment of allergic asthma, could prevent the cancer from spreading to the bone.

Researchers hope to be able to test this drug in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer kills more than 11,000 men in the UK every year, which means that one person dies every 45 minutes.

When the disease spreads to other parts of the body, 70 percent of patients die within five years.

The next step of these researchers is to start clinical trials of this drug on prostate cancer patients.


October 4, 2016 21:50

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