Cool off with these summer drinks

In this article, we will introduce you to the effective drinks that can cool your body in the hot season. Tea, soft drinks, butter, all kinds of syrups, etc., are gaining many fans in this season. What are the most suitable and healthiest?

In hot seasons, it is very enjoyable to drink cold drinks, but it is not bad to know that drinking 2 types of drinks will only make you thirstier.

These drinks include:

Soft drinks

Soft drinks cause problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and tooth decay. Apart from these diseases, there is a bigger danger called “dehydration”.

During their latest studies, scientists found that compared to water, consumption of soft drinks causes dehydration of body fluids and severe kidney damage.

Although the researchers reached such a conclusion by examining laboratory mice, they say that the dangers of drinking soft drinks can be generalized to humans.

If you want to find a suitable alternative to soda, just mix fresh fruits with mineral water and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

Coffee or tea?

In the past, it was thought that any caffeinated beverage increased the risk of dehydration. This is despite the fact that researches have called the consumption of these types of drinks safe on days that are not considered very hot.

However, researchers do not recommend drinking caffeinated drinks during the “hot” seasons and say that these drinks should be consumed with plenty of water.

People who are interested in caffeine can drink cold tea or coffee and supply their body with fluids, but the hot type of these drinks is not recommended in the hot season.

I have to say; Cucumber syrup has cooling and anti-thirst effects. To prepare it, you can add some grated cucumber to the mixture of water and sakjanbein syrup and drink it cold.

Due to its cold properties, drinking sakanjabin syrup reduces the body temperature and causes the loss of internal heat. In this way, a person feels comfortable and cool after drinking this syrup.

Source: Fox News

July 31, 2015 22:38

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