Cooling of the limbs

Winter, with all its beauty, may not appeal to you when your hands and feet are constantly cold. In this article, we want to teach you tips to use them to keep your hands and feet warm.

Don’t worry if you always rub your hands together to keep warm or if your toes are colder than other parts of your body. The reason our hands and feet get cold in the winter is because our bodies prioritize keeping vital organs such as the heart and lungs warm, which reduces blood flow to other organs such as the hands and feet.

Why arms and legs? Because these are the parts of the body that lose the most heat in cold weather. These parts of the body next to the ear have more heat-regulating receptors than other parts of the body, which means that they divert blood from the arms and legs to the core of the body.

One of the ways to warm up these organs is to increase blood flow and eat the right foods for heart health. Try to include healthy foods such as fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods work like a miracle for the body’s blood circulation. Foods good for the heart and boost blood flow include salmon, berries, walnuts, low-fat yogurt, bananas, dark chocolate, whole grains and olive oil.

Sleep with socks

When you want to go to bed, wear socks because it can warm your toes like a blanket. Even the healthiest person may need help on cold winter days, and socks can do it. It is recommended to use socks or slippers that are made of wool.

Use the right gloves

Instead of the usual gloves that you have to take off for anything, use suitable and special gloves that keep you warm and do not hinder you. Woolen gloves can keep your hands warm well with low volume. If you want to use your touch phone without removing the gloves, you can use special gloves that can be used with the touch phone.

Use heating tools

When you are indoors or in other buildings, you can keep your hands warm by resorting to heaters and other heating devices. But even when you are outdoors, heating appliances can keep you warm. It’s a bit unusual, but if you really have a problem with the serum, you can use thermal gloves or small portable rechargeable heaters to keep yourself warm.

Get help from spices Add a little spice to your winter food to not only improve their taste, but also warm yourself at the same time. Some spices are known for their warming properties. Black pepper, cinnamon, red pepper powder, cardamom, ginger, mustard root and garlic are among the top spices that can keep you warm.

Drink hot drinks

Drinking warm liquids such as tea during the day is not harmful because they can have a long-term effect on body temperature. Hot drinks such as tea, in addition to boosting the metabolism, also have antioxidants. Some experts also recommend broth or bone extract, not only because of its warming properties, but also because it is rich in magnesium and collagen. Both are good for the muscles and skin. Holding a hot cup can easily keep your fingers warm, especially if you are outside.


Have you ever been to a club while shivering from the cold and getting out while sweating from the heat? Exercise, from a few simple movements to a warm-up, can help with blood circulation, which in turn raises body temperature. Swinging the hands is said to help keep them warm. Swinging your hands in a circle can send blood flow to your fingers and warm them.

When it gets more serious

If these tips do not warm you up, you may be suffering from Raynaud’s disease, which is the effect of extreme cold, which affects about 20% of women. In Raynaud’s disease, the fingers become white first and then blue. Hands may become numb, and the disease may even cause scratches and sores on the fingers. In some cases, blood vessels are given drugs to treat the disease.

Being vulnerable to the cold can also be a sign of more serious health problems, such as lupus, scleroderma, or peripheral vascular disease. If you notice symptoms such as brittle hair, fatigue, and swelling of the limbs that occur with cold hands and feet, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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