Cooling the skin with these ways

When the skin cannot retain this amount of water due to internal or external factors, dry skin occurs. Dry skin has a rough and dull appearance and sometimes scaly scales are seen on it.

Using summer coolers causes problems for people, including dry skin and itching.

Mohammad Golshani, a dermatologist and dermatologist, said: In the summer season, people take refuge in coolers and cooling systems due to the excessive heat of the air, but this leads to damage to their skin.

He continued: In our country, water coolers have slowly replaced air conditioners, not knowing that people are aware of the fact that these water coolers maintain the humidity of the air, but air conditioners cause dry skin due to excessive cold.

He stated: “Moist air reaching the skin reduces many problems such as eczema, dryness, itchy skin and complications caused by strong soaps such as alkaline soaps.”

But dry air aggravates problems and disorders.

Golshani said: Recently, with the emergence of advanced and new air conditioning systems, the problems caused by dry air have been solved, because these systems purify the air and, in addition to cooling the environment, keep the air humidity at a balanced level.

He admitted: Doctors recommend that it is better to use skin moisturizing creams and lotions to maintain skin moisture. In these creams, in addition to the moisturizer, there are usually compounds such as menthol that gives a cooling effect to the skin, and this substance, along with cooling, also reduces skin itching and does not have any side effects on the skin.

He added: skin-cooling shampoos are newly available in the market, most of the people who suffer from itchy skin can use them. As a result of using these shampoos, the skin’s irritability is reduced and they also lead to narrowing of the surface vessels of the skin, which reduces blood flow and cools the skin.

12 September 1393 09:36

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