Coping with hepatitis C in cosmetic centers

Hepatitis C is a disease that is transmitted to others by contamination of personal items and cosmetics and sexual contact. The head of Iran’s hepatitis network has given important health recommendations to hairdressers to prevent the transmission of this complication to others, which we will read below.

Referring to some ways to deal with hepatitis C transmission, the head of Iran’s Hepatitis Network said: When people with hepatitis C go to the barbershop, they should use their personal equipment and carry the razor and the device separately.

About how to prevent hepatitis disease, Dr. Sidmoid Alaviyan said: Hepatitis C disease has bad consequences and due to its difficult and expensive treatment, the most important way to deal with this disease is prevention. On this basis, necessary precautions should be taken to prevent others from contracting this disease.

He added: among the cares that people should follow to avoid contracting hepatitis C, including not using tools such as nail clippers, razors and toothbrushes together, disinfecting places contaminated with blood completely, covering skin wounds in people infected with hepatitis C. Wound dressing and use of prevention devices during contact sexual Is.

Alavian continued: Also, if you go to the dentist, due to the contact with your oral secretions and blood, there is a possibility that the doctor and others will get this disease in case of non-observance of hygiene. Therefore, people with hepatitis They should inform the doctor about their illness and we hope that some colleagues will not have a bad encounter with these patients. Because treating them badly leaves no other way than lying for the patient, and of course we do not recommend such a thing.

Stating that hepatitis C sufferers should receive hepatitis B vaccine in order to prevent hepatitis B infection, he added: This vaccine is administered in three rounds at intervals of one month and six months after the first round of vaccination. Of course, it should be noted that the hepatitis B vaccine only makes people immune to hepatitis and has no effect in preventing other hepatitis viruses.

What should be done to eliminate the virus in clothes and accessories contaminated with the blood of a person suffering from hepatitis C?

Alavian stated that the simplest way to remove the contamination from the equipment and clothes contaminated with the blood of a person with hepatitis C is to boil the contaminated clothes and equipment after cleaning the blood from them, and said: Of course, if this is not possible, you can Use 0.5% bleach solutions. Based on this, first put these tools in this solution for half an hour and then wash them with plain water and the usual method. Also, it is better to put colored clothes in 70% alcohol and wash them normally. Of course, these actions should be done only if the clothes and accessories are contaminated with blood.

He also advised: When people with hepatitis C go to the barbershop, they should use their personal equipment and carry the razor and the device separately. Of course, barbershops should also pay attention to the fact that when providing services to their customers, they should replace the razors in addition to taking care of hygiene issues.


24 September 1396 10:48

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