Coping with nausea and dizziness while traveling

Whenever I am going to take a trip by car, I feel apprehensive. Because I am prone to motion sickness. Perhaps a disease with such a title is unknown to many, but many of us suffer from the effects of motion sickness without knowing it. Car cramps are accompanied by dizziness, nausea and vomiting after movement.

Dr. Mehdi Khajavi, Director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Nose, Head and Neck Surgery of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and the head of the Iranian Otorhinolaryngology Association of Head and Neck Surgeons says about this disease and considering the summer and the increase in land travel to Jamjam: motion sickness, It is a common disorder of the inner ear that is caused by the successive movements of the ship on the water, the movement of the car and the movement of the plane. In other words, the occurrence of side effects such as nausea and vomiting that occur to some people while traveling by car, ship or plane is due to the stimulation of the sensory organs of the semicircular canals of the inner ear, which are responsible for feeling and understanding movement. In fact, these sensory organs are closely related to the movements of the eyes, and it is this connection that when we turn around and stop suddenly, we see the environment rotating.

Patients with motion sickness

Studies have shown that motion sickness is not necessarily hereditary and increases under the influence of the environment and anxiety and gradually increases with age. puberty It decreases and after a few years it often recovers completely.

Of course, Dr. Khajawi emphasizes: Anyone with healthy semicircular canal sensory organs will suffer from this condition. But this feeling does not have the same stimulation threshold in different people. Some are very sensitive and in others these effects are felt less.

What should I do with dizziness and nausea while traveling?

Motion sickness does not have any special effects, but dizziness, nausea and vomiting are very unpleasant feelings that cause severe discomfort and disability in some people.

This is exactly why seasickness and any kind of travel dizziness.

Dr. Mohammad Hashemi, the secretary of the Scientific Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Iran and a university lecturer for the prevention of movement disorders recommends: Avoiding reading or working with electronic devices while traveling by car, ship, etc. is helpful. It is also better for people prone to motion sickness not to travel with a stomach bug. In addition, consuming fatty and salty foods before moving leads to the aggravation of the complications of this disease.

This expert adds: drinking some liquids helps to prevent these complications. Even studies show that eating cold drinks, especially water, is useful for curing motion sickness. It is also good to drink water with some lemon juice in it. Consuming fruits before the trip is also very effective just for the purpose of not leaving the stomach empty. It is better to eat light food while traveling.

Treat dizziness and nausea with these methods

He emphasizes: On the other hand, people who are severely affected by the effects of motion sickness while traveling can use anti-nausea drugs. Lowering the car window and using the open air and sitting on the back seat of public vehicles such as the bus also helps to prevent nausea and vomiting while traveling.

Dr. Khajawi also says: calmness and control Stress Before traveling, looking straight ahead, keeping your eyes steady, not turning your head around and looking around and from the side windows, not reading and not doing precise eye work are strategies that help reduce and control the effects of motion sickness.

Exercise and reducing the sensitivity of the body’s balance system

The sensitivity of the balance system, which includes the semicircular canals, with regular exercise and movements, aerobic sports and being in different balance and movement positions, as it happens in pilots and astronauts, and balance physiotherapy and finally drugs that weaken the balance system can reduce the sensitivity of this system. to be

The head of the Association of Ear, Throat, Nose, Head and Neck Surgeons of Iran adds: People suffering from motion sickness must first make sure that this condition is not really considered a disease and is only an oversensitivity of the balance system which can be controlled by many methods. There is no need to worry. In this case, physical and movement exercises are the best way to overcome it.

Ear congestion during air travel

Many people suffer from blocked ears during travel, especially air travel, but why does such a complication occur. When the air pressure is different on both sides of the eardrum, it feels like our ears are closed. This feeling is a natural thing. For proper hearing, air must constantly enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube, and it should be known that if a person has a cold, swelling occurs in the eustachian tube, which causes air not to reach the middle ear. For this reason, more force is needed to open the opening so that air can enter the middle ear.

This expert emphasizes: If we encounter this problem on mountain roads and travels, we can improve the situation by holding our nose and blowing air into our ears. If this pressure difference is high, it will cause bleeding the ear Or the eardrum is torn.

Seasickness caused by motion sickness

The movement and balance control system is located in the human inner ear and is connected to the brain stem through contractile centers. This system is responsible for the balance of the human while moving and voluntary and involuntary movements. In some people, this system has the property of being overstimulated when moving. Strong stimulation of this system through its connection with the nausea center in the brain stem causes nausea and vomiting occurs, and this severe condition occurs during turbulent and sudden movements, such as the movement of a ship or boat, which is also called seasickness or seasickness.

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