Coping with the progression of liver disease

Liver diseases are often caused by various factors in the body. Liver cirrhosis is considered the most advanced liver complication. Fatty liver, hepatitis B and C, autoimmune diseases and other complications can cause liver disorders in the body. Pay attention to the explanations of Dr. Moid Alavian in this regard.

Stating that liver disease is one of the most common diseases in human societies, the head of Iran’s hepatitis network said: Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are among the important causes of liver diseases. Unfortunately, many patients with these diseases are still unknown and most of them are identified in the advanced stages of the disease.

Dr. Moyed Alavian added: Antiviral treatment can improve liver disease in these patients, and even in some cases it causes recovery of severe liver disorders. Currently, patients with liver cirrhosis need early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. It is possible to increase the life expectancy of these patients with a set of drug treatment, compliance with nutritional and health instructions, and prevention of disease symptoms.

Coping with the progression of liver disease

He further said: Cirrhosis or liver laziness is a serious and progressive disorder that occurs in most chronic viral infections, hepatitis B and C, alcohol consumption, hereditary and metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, iron overload in the liver, and advanced fatty liver.

Alavian stated that cirrhosis is the final result of damage to liver cells and stated: It should be noted that this response is largely irreversible. In fact, the complication of liver cirrhosis is the main response of the liver to various types of long-term inflammatory attacks, alcohol toxins, etc.


11 December 2016 22:19

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