Correct your face at home with these techniques

Gentlemen’s facial cleansing is an undeniable talent. Beauty care professional Stelios Nicolao has some tips for grooming men at home that we will share with you.

Prepare your skin

Before shaving, you should prepare your skin for shaving. Facial shaving stimulates hair follicles as well as skin surface. To reduce the damaging effects of this stimulation, you should moisturize and soak your skin before shaving.

Do not shave in the opposite direction of hair growth


Correcting the face in the opposite direction of hair growth increases the likelihood of scarring and redness of the skin. If you insist on shaving your face in the opposite direction of hair growth, be sure to massage your face after shaving with the help of moisturizer or vegetable oils.

Use disposable razors only once


Disposable razors are not reusable. Re-use or repeated use of them causes the transfer of infection into the open pores of the face and increases skin lesions.


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