Cosmetic colors in this season of the year

In this season, it is better to use special colors for makeup and autumn and winter colors. We will introduce the cold colors of the year in this section. Hope you enjoy

One of the most important factors that can help you change the seasonal atmosphere and change your look to an autumn set is color. In the first step, you should go for autumn colors. Your nail polish is no exception to this rule. Colors like magenta, orange and. . . Forget and look for special colors that designers offer you for this fall.

The most suitable name for this color is khaki; A dark colored cream with some gray in it. Of course, there is some lilac in the analysis of this color, but the most important thing is that it is a stylish color suitable for all occasions.


Although the color of 2015 was crimson, light blue was also very popular. In the summer, sky blue was fashionable, which has now been replaced by a sky. This color is a combination of sky blue and some gray, which now has the necessary darkness for the cold days of the year.


As the color of the year, the crimson color has an active presence in all seasons of the current year, and wherever you are lacking, you can use this color to make you up-to-date; In general, remember that this color is always a good choice for formal occasions and with luxurious clothes.


2015 should be introduced as the year of soft colors; Even in the summer, when usually harsh colors take over the market, soft colors were in fashion this year. This trend continues in winter and an icy pink can show you are up-to-date.


Our prediction is that this winter’s most popular color for nail polish will be charcoal. A dark but stylish color that goes well with the winter mood. This color can be matched with most sports and semi-formal clothes.


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December 12, 2014 13:24

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