Cravings for different foods and these symptoms

If you crave different foods a lot, it is better to know that you have severe vitamin deficiencies and the craving for any kind of food and food will indicate some kind of disease in your body.

Sometimes it happens that you strongly crave a certain food, but when these cravings occur quickly, it can harm your health. Experts say that craving and overeating are two different things. If you constantly crave a certain food. This can be a sign of the lack of some nutrients.

But what kind of food cravings can be a sign of a problem or disorder?

*Sweet: This type of craving may be a sign of low blood sugar, which can turn into diabetes if not treated.

*Fried food: Craving fried potatoes, chips, etc. can be a sign of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency!

*Chocolate: A craving for chocolate that is more than usual may be a sign of vitamin B deficiency or magnesium deficiency that must be treated.

*Cheese: Craving dairy products, especially cheese, is often a sign of calcium deficiency.

*Salt: A craving for salty foods can be a sign of Addison’s disease. In this disorder, the person loses too much salt due to sweating.

*Ice: It may seem strange, but it is true and some people crave ice, which is a sign of iron deficiency in the body.

* Red meat: Craving red meat is a sign of iron deficiency, which can be a sign of a disease such as anemia

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August 4, 1395 15:08

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