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He added: It is better to wait half an hour after eating an orange or orange juice and then drink milk, and if you have drunk milk first, you should wait an hour until the milk is completely digested and then the orange juice enters the digestive system so that the body can Avoid the harm of combining these two substances.

Bahadri pointed out that dairy products, of which milk is one of the most important, have a significant effect on stimulating and stretching muscles, building bones, increasing the strength and resistance of teeth, and added: The milk that is available to people in supermarkets and grocery stores today is milk. It is an animal that is prepared from three parts of water, cheese and fat, and the amount of each of these substances in the milk varies, if the amount of each of the ingredients of water, cheese or fat in the milk is more, the milk will be “cold and dry” respectively. “, “warmth and dryness” and “coldness and dryness” and acquires special therapeutic and nutritional properties, and each one is useful for treating or relieving a disease.

He added: One of the most important points that perhaps less doctors and nutritionists pay attention to is that milk is a collection of several foods and is produced by a living organism, so the type of life, quality of life, quality of animal food and living conditions and Environmental stress can have a great impact on the quality of animal milk. Therefore, these are the cases that we are not very sure about and we do not know which of them, how and under what conditions they produced the milk and delivered it to you. As a result, since there is no strict monitoring of the type of food, drugs and lifestyle of livestock in the country, it is not easy to be sure about their medicinal and nutritional properties.

Referring to which animal’s milk is more suitable for consumption, Bahadri said: In terms of which animal’s milk is more suitable for humans, it should be said that the milk of an animal whose gestation period is close to the duration of human pregnancy is more suitable in terms of nutrition. The best milk is the milk of a young, fat and healthy cow that grazes in pastures and does not have an unpleasant taste or smell.

He added: Cow’s milk, which has a gestation period of 9 months like humans, is more suitable for feeding children, followed by goat’s milk and then sheep’s milk. This expert adds that cow’s milk is very useful for the formation and strength of bones, improving premenstrual symptoms, having healthier nails and teeth and hair, controlling type 2 diabetes and preventing breast and colon cancer. It is appetizing and fattening, and it causes constipation and constipation.

He mentioned people who should not use milk, because milk can cause discomfort in some people, and he said: patients with spleen problems, liver inflammation patients, epilepsy patients, those with weak heartbeat and stomach, and people with diseases Due to phlegm indigestion, including joint pains, headaches, and nerve weakness, they should not consume too much milk.

Bahadri added: From the point of view of traditional medicine, only people whose body phlegm is balanced can easily consume milk, and people who have a lot of phlegm in their body, especially in their stomach, should be given a special order and to a small extent with the advice of a traditional medicine expert. Take action to eat milk.

This traditional medicine expert pointed out: If a person has a lot of phlegm in his stomach, that is, he is facing symptoms such as mouth watering, white face and slow digestion of food, drinking a lot of milk will increase the predominant phlegm, and in this case, complications will occur. due to the increase of this phlegm experiences. This condition also happens to people whose body’s predominant phlegm is bile and phlegm, and it causes problems for them. Therefore, the consumption of milk should be done with the advice of a traditional medicine specialist, and people who suffer from predominant phlegm should consume milk by cleaning and balancing the phlegm.

Bahadri considered the simultaneous consumption of milk with meat, eggs, fish, fruit (in the form of bananas) and sour and salty foods to be harmful and said: In addition, consuming food immediately after drinking milk and sleeping after it is also not recommended.

He added: Some people eat milk with eggs for breakfast, or eat steak with milk for some meals, while they don’t know that the combination of these two foods together causes stomach heaviness and obstruction of the digestive organs. The person becomes constipated.

Bahadri stated: Now, if this person is a pregnant woman and eats milk with meat (it doesn’t matter if it’s red meat or white meat), she will pass this constipation and heartburn to her baby. Therefore, it is recommended that if a person drinks milk, he should eat meat and egg foods one hour later, and if he eats meat or eggs, he should wait for three hours until this food is digested and then Drink milk to benefit from its healing properties.

He stated that from the point of view of traditional medicine, the best yogurt is the one made from fresh cow’s milk, adding: “The nature of yogurt is cold and the thinner it is, the colder and thinner it is.” Mosleh is yogurt, ginger jam, zenian, mint, thyme, garlic, kakuti, olive, black seed and oregano.

This expert of traditional medicine noted: Do not add pepper to yogurt to relieve its coldness, because the resulting combination is harmful to the body; Because yogurt increases body moisture.

While pointing out that yogurt is slow to digest and consuming too much of it is not suitable for cold-tempered people and people who have a cold stomach, Bahadri said: simultaneous consumption of yogurt with meat or fish is not suitable for everyone, especially those suffering from joint pains, and it can cause the disease to worsen. In addition, continuing to consume meat or fish with yogurt at the same time due to the production of mucus can increase the possibility of spotting.

According to him, one of the rich sources of calcium is condensed yogurt. The nature of abstract yogurt is warm and wet, and its ingredients are walnut kernels, thyme, honey and dry mint. People whose joint pain is aggravated by consuming yogurt and milk can use abstract yogurt along with Mosleh.

Stating that traditional medicine also has recommendations about curd, he added: Curd is one of the foods mentioned in traditional medicine to maintain bone health. People who cannot tolerate lactose (milk sugar) and are unable to consume milk, or those who have joint pain and their pain is aggravated by consuming yogurt, can use curd in the form of boiled curd (combination of curd, hot onion, mint and walnut). Because the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in curd is suitable, it can be effective in preventing osteoporosis and preventing its progression.

Bahadri added: In some regions of Iran, buttermilk is used with oregano. Oregano, mint, celery, parsley and cumin are plants that can increase calcium absorption. It is stated in traditional medicine books that these plants can strengthen bone cells.

According to ISNA, researchers believe that people have time to store calcium in their bones until the age of 30, and after that, calcium is removed from the bones, therefore, considering the burden of diseases caused by calcium deficiency, such as osteoporosis and resulting fractures It is necessary to include enough dairy products in the daily diet of all age groups.

Looking at the food pyramid, which specifies the amount of food groups we need to consume, we see that milk and dairy products are in the third row of this guide, and based on that, 2 to 3 servings of it should be included in people’s diet daily. .

But in traditional medicine, the time to eat certain foods and also what to eat them with and what not to eat them are very important; One of these foods is dairy products, which should be more careful in their consumption.

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