Damage to skin and hair with these cosmetics

If you are moving house, we recommend you to check your cosmetics box and pay more attention to the health of your skin, try not to damage your beauty and clean your cosmetics regularly.

If you wish to have a cheerful and beautiful face, we must say that this is not a slogan, it is a goal that you can easily achieve. But this work will not be possible with excessive use of numerous and expensive cosmetics. You can easily have a suitable and attractive face by following the recommendations given by the best dermatologists and beauty experts. In order to have a suitable and attractive face, don’t constantly fall for your skin and don’t put whatever you have on your face.

Be sure to consult your doctor and use the best and most appropriate products that suit your skin. Only people who intelligently use beauty tools, properly and appropriately, can double their beauty. This article is the recommendations given by the best dermatologists in America to help you have a fit and beautiful face.

Take the expiration date seriously

Throwing out old, spoiled or broken cosmetics from your dressing table or handbag can be a good start. The importance of this work is not less than buying new equipment. Dr. Sheila Garner, an esthetician at the Shawana Clinic in California, says, “There seems to be a strong obsession between women and their makeup that makes them reluctant to throw anything away. But if you think carefully, you will see that we put these things on our face, lips and eyes, which are the most sensitive parts of the body, so we must be careful not to use old or spoiled things and materials.”

Linda Walz, the beauty editor of ALLURE magazine, suggests that the first step is to clean your dressing table of serums, eyeliners, foundations, perfumes and ruined lotions. He says: Be sure that if a product doesn’t look good today, it won’t look good tomorrow or next week or next month. Mascaras and eye shadows that have become white, face foundation materials that have become fragmented, and perfumes and lotions that are no longer clear and cloudy are items that you should not neglect to throw away. Be sure that these materials will not be of use to you in the future.

Use only 6 months

Of course, all cosmetics should not be judged based on their appearance. Many sanitary and cosmetic products have their manufacturing and expiration dates written on them. Some of them have the year of production and numbers between 6 and 24 degrees, which means that the production can be consumed up to those numbers – which represent a month – but some cosmetics do not have an expiration date on their packages. Dr. Madero Kibro, a dermatologist at Norman Cosmetic Merle, says the same rules apply to ingredients with the same application. She says it’s best to use liquid lipsticks, mattes, and liquid foundations for up to 6 months, and mascaras for up to 3 months after you start using them. This expert says that especially when it comes to mascaras

You have to be very careful. If even a few weeks after buying the mascara, you feel that it has hardened or lost its shape or smells bad, definitely throw it away and buy a new mascara, you can be sure that this is in your best interest because it will keep your eyes healthy. do. Do not think that this is a matter of unnecessary strictness. Dr. Kibro continues: “Very simply, you may get an eye infection by using an old or worn-out mascara. Even using the same mascara by two people can cause disease in your eyebrows, eyelashes and eyes. Do not share any of your cosmetics with other people so as not to get into trouble later. At the same time, remember that buying a new mascara instead of the old one does not cost much, but an eye infection may cost you a lot.”

The bathroom is not a place for makeup

Many women store their cosmetics and beauty products in the bathroom, which is perhaps the worst place to store these products because the heat and humidity of this environment can accelerate the deterioration and destruction of these products. “If you use a product just once and then go months without using it and then go back to it, you might find it’s gone,” says Dr. Wells. In fact, the first use of the product, which begins with opening the lid or removing the rubber shell or cover, puts the product in contact with oxygen. And it is oxygen that initiates the process of corruption. The humidity and heat of the air can accelerate this process and cause the products that you have used only once to spoil very quickly, contrary to your imagination. In these cases, you should forget the temptation to use these products and throw them away very quickly.

Also, remember to always close the lid of cosmetics after using them or put them in their cans and packages. Dr. Monica Wells explains about this: “If you do your makeup in front of the bathroom mirror, be sure to check every single item you’ve used. Put them in place and don’t forget to close them.
Leaving cream powder packages open, leaving gels, shadows and lipsticks without a lid in the bathroom environment can cause them to be infected with all kinds of germs. The space related to the bathroom is a place where all kinds of germs can grow, and in this case, they may find their way to your cosmetics and cause their contamination. No matter how much you are in a hurry, take a few seconds to close the door of the used items and put the cover or cover on them.

A makeup bag also needs a shake

Remember that taking care of cosmetic products includes the means of using them. Brushes and brushes used for makeup should be thoroughly washed and wiped every week. As for the used cottons and sponges, it is better to use each of them only for one week. Dr. Garner says, “All the makeup tools are cheap stuff that I personally would rather buy new than wash and use.”

Dr. Garner says that it is actually hygiene that creates beauty. He believes that the most important aspect of a woman’s beauty is the health of her skin. Skin care is the most important thing a woman should do for her beauty. Using cleansers and moisturizers are even more important than cosmetics. UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin and cause aging. Even if it is winter and you are not exposed to direct sunlight, you should still seriously apply sunscreen to your skin. Sunlight can reflect off sand, snow, and water, and it is necessary to reapply your sunscreen every two hours, even on snowy days. In addition to keeping your skin healthy, using sunscreen protects you from skin cancer.

stay beautiful

Remember that if your skin and face are in a good condition, you will feel better about yourself and in that case your personal and social life will be better. So pay attention to each issue.

Liquid lipsticks absorb more light

Yes, glossy liquid lipsticks and crowns absorb more sunlight. If you are a big fan of these lipsticks, use a matte lipstick before applying them. When buying lip gloss, make sure that its SPF is 30.

Lipstick makes the skin dry

Although lipstick makes you look beautiful, after a few hours you face dry lips. When buying products, go for lipsticks that contain softeners and apply vitamin A ointment before applying lipstick.

Clean your skin in time

Be sure to remove the mascara from the eyes before going to sleep. When the eyes are closed, the mascara can enter the membrane of the eyes and cause itching and inflammation or even infection in the eyes. You can use baby shampoo to remove the mascara from the eyelashes.

Choose the right cream for your skin

If you have oily skin, be sure to use fat-free powder creams so that your face does not break out. Don’t forget, cosmetics are personal items and to maintain hygiene, you should not share cosmetics with anyone.

Buy milk cleaner

To maintain healthy skin, you should remove makeup from your face before going to bed, simple washing alone cannot remove all impurities. To clean the skin better, first remove makeup with a cleanser and then wash your face with mild soap.

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