Damage to the beauty of the face with these mistakes

Sometimes we damage our skin by improper washing. What is the cause of this and what factors do we unintentionally damage our skin? What recommendations should we consider in this regard and what are the most important mistakes that damage our skin?

Washing the face seems to be the simplest part of daily skin care, but wrong habits such as using soap to wash the face cause a series of disorders in the skin; Such as: dryness, inflammation and acne. Get to know the 10 biggest face washing mistakes that we often make and how to fix them.

1. Pulling the towel on the skin

To dry your face, pat your skin with a towel and make gentle strokes rather than pulling hard on your face.

2. Use of inappropriate water temperature

Hot water may feel good on your skin, but it can strip your skin of its natural, protective oils, causing your skin to become overly dry or produce too much sebum (oil). Warm water is the best option for gently and effectively cleansing the skin.

3. Fear of oils

According to experts, all types of skin can benefit from cleansing the skin with oil, even oily and damaged skin. A good oil cleans the pores of the skin from dirt and bacteria and helps to heal and balance the skin. Look for an oil cleansing product that is made from plant-based and natural fats. Simply apply the oil on your skin, massage and then wipe your face with a clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water.

4. Choosing the wrong product

Find a suitable cleanser that isn’t too gentle as you have to rinse twice to remove it, or rub too hard on your skin, and isn’t too harsh that it can cause skin irritation and redness.

5. Use of skin irritants

Do your skin a favor and avoid substances that harm it, such as perfumes, dyes, and preservatives such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Always read the label on health products to know the ingredients.

6. Waiting for skin moisture

To increase moisture absorption, apply moisturizer immediately after washing your face while the skin is still damp. Use this method for serums and other skin protection products. If you wait until your skin is completely dry, the moisturizing actives will have a harder time absorbing into the skin, leaving the skin feeling greasy and sticky.

7. Excessive washing

In most cases, washing the face once or twice a day is appropriate, and more than that causes skin irritation and even excessive oil production. If you don’t wear make-up during the day, don’t use too much sunscreen and don’t sweat a lot, don’t use cleanser at night and just wash your face with lukewarm water. Allow your skin to break free from the makeup cycle sometimes.

8. Don’t spend too much

Spending a lot of money on a facial cleanser is not wise. Look for a simple cleanser with natural ingredients and spend your money on products like serums and moisturizers.

9. Not rinsing the skin well

Having a superficial view of washing and not rinsing the skin properly will cause the detergent to remain on the skin and these residues will block the pores of the skin; As a result, the skin becomes dry. Rinse your face completely and properly even if it is morning and you are late or at night and you are very tired. The hairline, under the chin and the surface of the nose are among the points that are forgotten in washing; Pay attention to this point.

10. Excessive exfoliation

Granular exfoliators are better choices. For this purpose, choose sugar and fruit acids scrub and use them at most two or three times a week. When exfoliating, use your finger instead of a fiber to avoid stretching and irritating the skin.

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