Dangerous diseases are coming back

When we read a story or a movie about past times, we may better understand the cause of death of hundreds of people in that period: “Outbreak of a dangerous disease”. You must be happy that you don’t live in that era; But you should know that these dangerous diseases may still return in some way. In this article to some of these Sickness It has been mentioned that it has recently been reported in some parts of the world:

1- Plague

It is hard to believe; But the Black Death isn’t just for history books or remote locations. It has recently been shown in New Mexico, California and Colorado; Although still rare. Antibiotics can help, if it is diagnosed early. It can still be dangerous if it is not diagnosed soon or if it is not treated adequately. Rodents such as squirrels and mice, as well as fleas that live in the body of these animals, are its carriers.

2- Tuberculosis TB

In 1990, Tuberculosis In the world, it was the cause of half of the deaths that year. However, it is still in the top ranks of deaths in the world along with HIV. It is very difficult to fight; Because antibiotics are only used to treat it, not to prevent it. TB does not respond to newer antibiotics, researchers are trying to cure this type.

3- Syphilis and chlamydia

For people with these sexually transmitted diseases, Antibiotics They do not respond well. Syphilis had almost disappeared from the United States, but within the last 20 years, the highest incidence rates have been seen in the United States. Chlamydia is also the most common Venereal disease is the answer to the treatment of the problem. To reduce the chances of both diseases, it is recommended that suspicious people use condoms.

4- Scarlet fever or yellow fever

Again, people play a role. Because the bacteria have changed enough that antibiotics don’t work well against them. this Sickness It is caused by the same bacteria as strep throat, which is usually mild. this Sickness It affects mostly children aged 5-15 and causes rough, red itchy skin, to the point where the skin feels like paper. But if not treated, it can lead to kidney diseases and heart problems.

5- Measles

By 2013 eight outbreaks measles It has been reported in the United States, the largest of which was in 1996 (with 58 cases). People who are not vaccinated against it are the most likely to get it. Surely all of you with measles disease You know it by its warning rash: red spots that start on the face and spread all over the body. Children under 5 and adults over 20 are more likely to develop serious health problems such as pneumonia or brain swelling. In these cases, this disease can be life-threatening.

6- Mumps

Most people in the United States are vaccinated against the disease; But its prevalence still exists. For example, in 2009 in Northeast Asia, more than 3,000 people were infected. this Sickness It mostly happens when a group of people live together; Like college dormitories. This disease can cause fever, headache and fatigue. But its main symptoms are pain and swelling in the jaw and face right in front of the ear. In rare cases, this Sickness It can also cause swelling in the brain, breasts, ovaries and testicles.

7- Whooping cough

This disease is called Pertussis is also called This disease gives the affected person a severe cough. When you try to close your mouth after one of these coughs, a scream-like sound comes out of your closed mouth. In 2012, more than 48,000 people were infected in the United States, the most since 1955. This disease can spread easily from person to person within 10 weeks or more. This disease is serious at any age. But it is dangerous for babies who are hospitalized for treatment. The best way to prevent it is to get vaccinated against it.

8- Legionnaire’s disease

This disease may seem like an old movie; But it seems to have increased in recent years. it’s an Sickness Lung infection It is transmitted through inhalation of water droplets that contain Legionella bacteria. The illness starts with flu-like symptoms, but soon a cough that won’t go away, chest pain, and breathing problems follow. Antibiotics can treat it. But if this disease is not treated, especially in the elderly, it can lead to serious problems.

9- Leprosy

At the moment, Sickness Hansen is named. This disease is caused by bacteria that attack a person’s nerves. This disease does not only belong to the distant past. It affects about 250,000 people worldwide each year (150-250 in the United States). This disease can develop into serious problems such as the inability to move arms and legs. In fact, it is difficult to spread, but once detected, it is easily treated.

10- Polio

The only disease that has completely disappeared “Fool” Is. Polio is also close to being eradicated, but it still exists in several countries outside the United States. Part of that is because it’s not always easy to tell if someone has it. In areas where not everyone can get the vaccine, it may spread before doctors know. Because this Sicknessit affects the brain, it can be life-threatening or cause long-term problems such as the inability to move parts of the body.

11- Gout

You may think of the Middle Ages when you think of this type of painful arthritis. But this issue has increased. Being overweight can double your chances of developing it. High blood pressure is another factor. Gout often starts with severe pain in the toe, but it can also start in any joint, such as the knee or elbow. After a week or so, the pain will usually be more frequent in the joint, especially in the lower joint of your foot.

12- Rickets or soft bones

Due to lack of vitamin D, this disease causes soft bones in children. This disease has spread in recent years for two reasons: one part is due to feeding only with breast milk, and the other is the fear of skin cancer.

mother’s milk It does not have enough vitamin D (mothers can also give their supplements to their children). And concern about skin cancer makes children spend less time outside. This issue can be problematic; Because sunlight helps the body make vitamin D. Children with dark skin are at greater risk; Because they need more light than their body Vitamin D to make

13- Scurvy

One sailor’s disease old that was solved by consuming lemon; It is true? not completely

Scurvy is still with us today. This disease is caused by a severe deficiency and can cause a person’s gums to bleed so much that his teeth are lost. This disease is more common in people who do not consume fruits and vegetables, elderly people, people with alcohol addiction, and men who live alone; which in the last case to it Sickness “Scurvy Bio“E” they say. This disease is easily treated by supplements Vitamin C is treated

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Translated by: Sima Azadfalah

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