Dangerous side effects of soda

Consumption of soft drinks will have many negative effects on the body. The high sugar content of this drink is equal to six spoons of sugar, which means that with each can of soda you allow your body’s blood sugar to rise and put you at risk of overweight and obesity. .

If you are one of those people who regularly or occasionally consume one or more glasses of soft drinks in different colors and flavors with food, it is time to face a scary reality.

According to the Reporter of the Medical Scientific Group Clinic of the Journalists’ Club; Experts examined and measured the amount of sugar in a regular glass of soda and found that it contained a large amount of sugar, which is equivalent to 6 to 6 teaspoons of pure sugar.

Experts have measured about 35 grams of sugar in a glass of carbonated beverage and said that many people around the world are not aware of how much beverage is in their preferred beverage, and after years of suffering from the disease. Deadly diabetics just realize their wrong diet.

Experts have measured the amount of sugar in the large-sized soft drinks known to the family as about 44 spoons, and warn that consuming more soft drinks by a person can cause severe damage to his health.

At the top of the world’s beverage companies are Pepsi and Coca-Cola, both of which have long hidden high levels of sugar in their products from customers around the world, but scientists’ research has revealed their secret, forcing them to admit it. Were.

Officials of these companies have stated that they do not sell their products to the people by force and the people themselves have the right to choose and buy them themselves, many countries and world health organizations have protested against these companies and Now, in new designs, they plan to use less sugar so that people are less likely to develop diabetes and use artificial sweeteners in their products.

Health experts advise people to avoid sugary drinks and instead use herbal drinks and syrups or dairy-based products such as buttermilk or natural fruit juices as a beverage with food, scientists say. It is pure and natural that has no harm to the body and is rich in minerals and beneficial minerals for the body.

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