Day-Glow Lemon Orange Antioxidant Juice For Energy and Mood Enhancement

This lemon orange antioxidant juice is a great way to wake up in the morning to help energize and immediately enhance your mood! It is full of youth-enhancing enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamin C. It helps boost your immune system, ensuring that colds and flus are kept at bay, and combats visible signs of aging by keeping your skin toned and tight.

Citrus fruits are great for helping sweep your arteries and veins clean of mucoid plaque. They also flush the digestive tract by freeing up built-up chemicals and other toxins (from the environment, stress, and the like), thus allowing for proper utilization of energy via enhanced nutrient absorption in the intestine.

This juice is so simple, yet so very good for you! Let me know how you felt after a glass of this magical concoction!

Lemon Orange Antioxidant Juice Recipe


– 6 oranges, peeled
– 1 lemon, peeled
Optional: 1 inch fresh ginger root and turmeric root


You can easily make this juice with a manual juicer if you leave out the ginger and turmeric, but if you have an electric juicer like the Breville or Omega, then I suggest adding in the ginger and turmeric for added benefits! Run the ingredients through the juicer and enjoy immediately for the most benefits!

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