Dealing with colds in a new way

Colds are one of the diseases that affect many people in the cold seasons of the year. Traditional medicine researchers have recently found a new treatment solution for the common cold. They place great emphasis on rinsing the nose to expel disease germs from the area.

A traditional healer described a simple way to prevent “colds” by saying that the nasal cavity is full of airborne microbes because it is a passageway for air.

Mohsen Naseri about the ways to prevent colds stated: One of the ways to prevent the occurrence Sinusitis, Nasal lavage or inhalation.

He added: “The nasal cavity is full of airborne microbes because it is an air passage; God has kept the nose moist and dark to better absorb germs and moisturize the air (which is required for proper lung function), and the nose is a good place for germs to multiply.

Dealing with colds in a new way

The traditional medicine expert noted: Proper hygiene of the nose can Respiratory problems Like recurrent colds, it can increase the risk of allergies and resistant infections. It can also affect other organs.

Inhalation and its role in preventing diseases

Naseri stated: In our Islamic and medical culture, there is an extraordinary emphasis on inhalation and its role in preventing diseases; Healthy people should first clean the nose, then take some water in the palm of the hand and try to direct the water to the higher areas of the nose by breathing through the nose, which creates a sign of water reaching these areas. Cough It is mild. After this operation, various secretions come out of the nose, and then the nose is fully opened and breathing is easy.

“People who have sinus problems may experience pain with this operation,” he said. These people should first do shallow inhalation and then inhale more deeply after the pain subsides


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