Dealing with the flu by oral methods

Due to the uncontrolled spread of influenza, we want to get acquainted with the prevention methods of this disease. By strengthening the immune system, it will be easily possible to deal with this complication. In the following, we will refer to effective nutritional strategies to deal with this complication.

The PhD in Clinical Nutrition outlines nutritional strategies to prevent the flu.

Ario Movahedi, in connection with nutritional strategies to prevent the flu, said: “For this issue, we must try to strengthen the immune system of people, and food sources containing zinc are very effective in this regard.” Plant and animal proteins contain zinc and are recommended for the prevention of influenza.

He added: “Plant protein materials such as lentils and animals such as eggs and bread and cheese are a mixture of animal and plant proteins that are available to all people and its consumption is effective in preventing influenza.”

The doctor of clinical nutrition pointed out that sulfate supplementation strengthens the immune system: “Consumption of black seed and honey does the same thing and it can be used as a syrup or mixed with milk.”

Dealing with the flu by oral methods

Movahedi said: “Consumption of mushrooms, onions and garlic also strengthens the immune system, and the use of turnips is highly recommended in traditional medicine, and people should not hesitate to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables.”

He said: “Sprolina supplement, which is a type of seaweed, is effective in preventing the flu. However, this supplement and other cases in pregnant women must be under the supervision of a doctor.”

“For the elderly, a daily multivitamin is recommended and strengthens their immune system,” said the doctor of clinical nutrition, noting that food intake is lower in the elderly than in the young.

Influenza is a contagious disease caused by a virus. These viruses affect birds and mammals and cause acute respiratory infections, sudden headaches, muscle aches, fever and weakness, severe lethargy and even death.


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