Dealing with the harms of masturbation

Dr. Mohammad Reza SafarinejadMasturbation is unpleasant in many cases and one wants to get rid of it anyway, but due to the strong sexual instinct in humans, there is a forced and seductive attraction for this practice, so that it is difficult to resist. There are many married people who masturbate for some reason and suffer from it.

When there is an urgency to masturbate, ask yourself why you want to stop masturbating. Think about what your parents or spouse would think of you if they saw you masturbating. If you want to masturbate by going to pornographic sites through your computer, put the computer in a place where others besides you can see the monitor screen, and if you have erotic thoughts, immediately divert your mind and do other things. Think like a football game and.. Also, fill your free time and set small, simple goals for yourself. First, the goal is to not masturbate for up to three days, and after you have achieved this goal several times, at least increase the number of days. In the next step, make it five days and then a week to reach a month or more, but do not be ambitious that you will fail. At the same time, install software on your computer that blocks or blocks pornographic websites. If this software requires a password, type a long password, such as 16 characters, in the password field without a purpose, then copy it and enter it in the password confirmation field and press the enter key.

In this way, every time you visit a pornographic website, the software asks you to enter a password, and because you do not know the password, you will inevitably stay behind these websites.

If you masturbate in the bathroom, set the alarm clock and leave the bathroom immediately when the bell rings.

Another way to stop masturbating is to never be alone at home. Whenever you feel you have to masturbate, start walking and even running slowly, and when the compulsion to masturbate is very intense and uncontrollable, take a cold shower because it is effective in eliminating this forced state. Lastly, avoid sitting on the bed and always sit on a chair or floor in front of others.

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